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A Million Little Things’ Allison Miller Discusses What’s Next For Maggie And Gary After That Big Decision

Maggie gets into an elevator on A Million Little Things.
(Image credit: ABC)

Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for A Million Little Things’ Season 4 episode “Piece of Cake.” Proceed with caution if you’re not caught up!

Millionaires’ jaws dropped at the end of Episode 410, “Surprise,” when Maggie jumped into the elevator with Gary and kissed him, just as the doors reopened to show her boyfriend Camden standing there. Thankfully, the latest episode of A Million Little Things, “Piece of Cake,” picked up right where that one left off, revisiting Maggie “showing up for the rest of her life.” By the end, Maggie had made a big decision, and star Allison Miller had some pretty interesting information to share regarding her character’s future with Gary

“Piece of Cake” included a fair dose of “will they or won’t they,” as Maggie and Gary’s elevator tryst was interrupted first by the need for Maggie to cut her birthday cake, and then by the group rushing to the hospital after Katherine fell and hit her head. When the the characters finally did get a chance to talk, Gary said he couldn’t allow himself to be with Maggie again unless she was really sure. Maggie eventually revealed to him that she’d broken up with Cam, and for a second week in a row, A Million Little Things ended with Gary and Maggie kissing. 

So is this for real? Are they really (finally) back together? Allison Miller spoke with TV Insider, and it sounds like things might get serious pretty fast! Miller said: 

Once Maggie and Gary emerge from the whirlwind of the party night they’ll have to figure out what comes next. They’re committed to making it work this time and that means tying up loose ends with Camden and the other relationships that are important to them. I think the big questions are going to come into play now about serious commitment. Do we get married? Do we have children? Is Colin allowed on the furniture at Maggie’s place?

Oh my gosh, two weeks ago I was wondering if Party Down alum Ryan Hansen was really going to hang around as Cam long-term, and now Allison Miller says Gary and Maggie will be having conversations about marriage and kids! And knowing Maggie’s love for Colin the dog, I’m more than certain he’ll be allowed on the furniture.

James Roday Rodriguez had similar thoughts about what he expects would happen should his character reunite with Maggie when he spoke to TV Insider earlier in the show's extra-long fourth season. He said the show has already broken them up and gotten them back together before, so the next time would probably have to be the last time:

If Gary and Maggie were to get back together, that could happen exactly one more time and it would have to be right and it would have to be thoughtful and it would have to be nuanced and they would both need to recognize, ‘Hey, if we screw this up again, we’re definitely done.’

I hope showrunner DJ Nash is on board as well, because it sounds like the actors are ready for Maggie and Gary to put in the work and make this a forever thing. Knowing A Million Little Things, it’s surely not going to be easy, though. From the previews for next week’s episode, it look like Cam’s still around, so we’ll have to see what happens if and when he finds out they’ve reignited their flame, and I’m here for it.

A Million Little Things returns at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday, March 16, on ABC. Be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what new and returning shows are premiering soon.

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