Abbott Elementary's Fun First Look At Season 2 Is A Reminder Why The Janitor Mr. Johnson Is The Best

Abbott Elementary cast in school bus
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With millions of children heading back to school throughout August, it’s the most stressful kind of reminder that TV audiences will soon be walking through the halls of Abbott Elementary again for its upcoming second season on ABC. The teacher-focused mockumentary’s feel-good first season quickly became a buzz-worthy hit, and went on to earn some of network TV’s only Emmy Award nominations for the 2022 ceremony. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the comedy series won’t be changing up the mold for Season 2, as evidenced by the amusing first look video, which combines our love of the janitor Mr. Johnson with the dulcet tones of recent Celebrity Family Feud contestants Boyz II Men.

Check out the video below, and try and stop yourself from dancing and singing along. 

With its first Season 2 promo, the universally acclaimed Abbott Elementary manages to nail many of the elements that fans got used to during Season 1, despite being only a minute long. But you just know I gotta talk about William Stanford Davis’ scene-stealing janitor Mr. Johnson, who would literally be too cool for school in this video had he not been centrally located within an actual school.

Every Abbott Elementary episode should deliver at least one (but preferably five or more) scene where Mr. Johnson is living his best life with the belief that the documentary crew’s cameras aren’t around. Part of me wishes he was always in sunglasses-donning Risky Business mode, but then I guess I also want to be surprised during others times, too. What a complicated guy, that Mr. Johnson.

Before Mr. Johson shows up in the promo and classes the place up, Abbott Elementary delivers the following checklist of spot-on moments:

  • Sheryl Lee Ralph's Barbara looking like the textbook definition of "memorable and caring teacher," with an apple that nearly matches her fingernail polish.
  • Quinta Brunson's Janine as the epitome of good-natured and childlike optimism, complete with brightly colored trapper-keeper decorations. 
  • Lisa Ann Walter's Melissa going ham on a big sandwich and generally not giving a shit what others are doing.
  • Janelle James' Ava making sure she stands out among the crowd, swinging the wrong keys around her fingers.
  • Tyler James Williams' Gregory looking as suave as possible while sharpening a pencil on the go.
  • Chris Perfetti trying to look cool by flipping his briefcase around, only to look shocked when he doesn't drop it, thus negating the initial attempt to look cool.

I probably don't need to hype up Mr. Johnson any further at this point, but I also can't think of any logical reason not to. So let's get a Mr. Johnson chant going. When I say "Mr.," you say "Johnson." Mr. [listens for response] Oh forget it.

Abbott Elementary Season 2 will premiere on ABC on Wednesday, September 21, in The Conners’ former slot at 9:00 p.m. ET. While waiting, check out all the other new and returning shows that are on the way with our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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