Abby Lee Miller (Who’s Been To Prison) Claims Todd Chrisley Won’t Do Well, And Literally Mentions ‘Towels’

Todd Chrisley and Abby Lee Miller
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Todd and Julie Chrisley, who were found guilty of tax fraud and more last year, formally began their prison sentences this past January. The former is currently set to serve 12 years, while his wife received 7 (and both were also handed 16 months of probation each). A number of individuals have spoken out about their incarceration, mainly their kids. However, a handful of others have also been honest about how the Chrisley Knows Best stars will have to handle their time behind bars. Fellow reality TV veteran Abby Lee Miller has now entered the chat, and the tart-tongued media personality (who has also been to prison) doesn’t think Todd will do all that well. She literally even mentioned “towels” while making her point.

The Dance Moms alum has never been one to mince words, so it’s not surprising that she provided some honest thoughts when discussing Todd Chrisley’s prison sentence. She addressed the situation during an interview and in all but so many words, stated that Chrisley will experience a culture shock since he’s been used to living an affluent lifestyle. And of course, that includes the fact that he’ll have to get accustomed to more meager amenities:

He's very bougie. He is not going to be able to handle, like, the soap and the towels.

Abby Lee Miller has dealt with her fair share of legal problems over the years but was most notably indicted in 2015 for apparently hiding income in a secret bank account. In 2016, following several delays of her case, Miller agreed to a guilty plea deal with the IRS. She was formally sentenced to one year and a day in prison as well as two subsequent years of supervised release. The star reported in July 2017 and was released in 2018 due to getting time shaved off for good behavior. Miller – who has since been candid about other Dance Moms veterans not reaching out amid her imprisonment – further explained to ET how prison is particularly challenging for celebrities:

When I went in, nobody even wanted to come to the front to get me. There were volunteers that come and give you a tour and all one would come except my dear friend, Michelle, who I still talk to at least once a week.

Few concrete details have been released regarding how Todd and Julie Chrisley are doing in prison. Not too long ago, however, daughter Savannah, claimed that Julie was being subjected to poor living conditions. The prison bureau has since refuted those allegations, though it did not release specific info on Julie’s stay.

In addition to the Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition alum, Real Housewives veteran Teresa Guidice weighed in on the Chrisleys’ incarceration as well. Having spent nearly a year in jail for financial fraud in 2015, Guidice has a good sense of how it works when you’re a public figure. Giudice gave Todd and Julie Chrisley advice ahead of their report date, saying that they should “stand strong” for the sake of their kids. She also suggested that during this time, they “manifest” what they want for themselves after they’re released. 

That could theoretically come earlier than expected should the couple get their way. They’re aiming to appeal their sentences, and their attorney, Alex Little believes his clients will get retrial. He’s argued that the case was “marred by serious and repeated errors” among other things. There’s no telling, at this point, whether Todd and Julie Chrisley will be successful. Until such a change occurs in their favor though, they’ll simply have to tough out the situation and deal with the available soap and towels mentioned by Abby Lee Miller.

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