Adele Went Instagram Official With Her Boyfriend, And The Pics Are Gorgeous

Few people on earth have the ability to command our collective attention like Adele. And when she wants to, she knows exactly how to get people talking. Rumors have been swirling for a while now that the multi-platinum, multi-talented singer had a new significant other. Over the weekend, she seems to have confirmed those suspicions by making her relationship Instagram official and sharing some gorgeous photos of herself and her boyfriend with fans.

This weekend, the Grammy and Oscar-winning singer shared a series of three black and white images on Instagram. In all three photos, she looks stunning in a gown that, according to Harper’s Bazaar, was designed by Schiaparelli. But the last in the series is the one that really got people talking. Take a look at the beautiful pictures here:

A photo posted by on

The only caption she shared is a heart emoji, which seems to carry a dual meaning. First, it hints at the reason for the photos-- they were taken at NBA star Anthony Davis’ wedding. But by sharing these snaps, she’s chosen to confirm to the world that she and sports agent Rich Paul are consciously coupled. That probably won’t come as a surprise to many, as there had been rampant speculation for months now that the two have paired off.

Still, it’s exciting news for fans, who are always rooting for the superstar’s happiness. She’s certainly been through a lot of ups and downs over the years--from struggling with the stress of performing to dealing with commentary about her appearance and navigating the end of her marriage -- all the while raising a child.

It’s also refreshing to see Adele continuing to live her life on her own terms. She chose such a cool way to announce her new relationship -- dropping it on fans without any warning, or without any additional commentary, and showing that she still has control over the narrative about her life and career.

Speaking of her career, she’s holding the reins on that, too. Even though fans have been eagerly awaiting new music for more than five years, the singer has chosen to take her time with her art. That has sometimes meant she’s stepped away from the spotlight.

But she’s also explored her other talents and kept us all on our toes to the point where we can’t even begin to guess what she has planned next. Last year, she hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live, proving to the world that her comedic timing is just as impressive as her vocal range. Of course, we all know that whenever she decides to enter her next musical era, it will be nothing short of amazing. This is the woman, after all, who gave us what is arguably the best Bond theme of all time.

Katherine Webb