After King Of The Hill Revival Reports Spread, Co-Creator Greg Daniels Has Clarified What's Actually Happening

It is no longer completely uncommon to have some of our favorite shows from days gone by revived in series that continue the stories of those beloved characters. We just saw it done for Sex and the City on And Just Like That…, but just because some shows and their characters can make it back to television doesn’t automatically make it an easy thing. We’ve been hearing rumblings about the animated classic, King of the Hill, returning for several years now, and co-creator Greg Daniels has now clarified exactly what’s going on. 

Is The King Of The Hill Revival Still Happening?

To make a slightly long story short, yes, the King of the Hill revival is still in the works. But, after word came out a few days ago that original series creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels had started a new animation company together, Bandera Entertainment, it was being reported that the show was fully a-go. Now, Daniels has spoken to Collider and clarified where things stand with King of the Hill, saying:

Well, here's the weird thing about the way that article ran is... there isn't any change yet. We don't have a deal to do it. I'm not exactly sure if we phrased it wrong, maybe, but it's still not 100%. We haven't worked out the contracts yet. We had the idea floating around that we pitched a while ago, and I think we need to figure out how we would do it well and who would do it with us because we're both pretty busy.

OK, sad to say it, but there you have it! King of the Hill can still come to us as a revival, but things are not 100% set in stone just yet. Luckily, this means that there’s no actual bad news on the propane and propane accessories front; it just might be quite a while yet before we get to totally feast our eyes on what’s become of the Hill clan and their assorted friends and family members since the series went off of the air in 2010.

And, this does make complete sense. Getting any TV show off of the ground is likely no easy feat, and when you’re dealing with a property as beloved as King of the Hill, it would be absolutely necessary to try and make sure nothing new you create negates any of the love that people have for the original show, while also adding something fresh to the story. 

When you have a show that ran for 13 seasons, like King of the Hill did, that’s especially true, because millions of people followed the weekly slice-of-small-town-life adventures of Hank, Peggy, and Bobby Hill, and their nearest and dearest. The show focused on Hank’s conservative nature and how he frequently clashed with more liberal attitudes, as well as throwing a realistic yet funny spotlight on culture clashes of many different types.

In mid-March 2021, Brent Forrester (who wrote for the animated hit) announced that Daniels and Judge were “in hot negotiations” to bring the show back, and, as previously stated by Judge, with a time jump that would see older characters deal with current-day issues, no less.

Daniels is also correct that he and Judge (and likely most of the cast and crew) are quite busy right now. He’s preparing for the release of Space Force Season 2 on Netflix, and Judge is gearing up for a series of new Beavis and Butt-Head shows, specials, and movies that will feature middle-aged versions of the characters, plus their new animation company has over a dozen projects in some stage of development right now.

As a massive fan of King of the Hill, I think most of us can probably take this slight bad news with the good news that Greg Daniels and Mike Judge are still working out the kinks for the revival. Even though we won’t get to see it any time soon, it sounds like they’re committed to making sure viewers get the new King of the Hill they want and deserve after all of these years.

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