Amidst Bombshell Revelations In Todd Chrisley Fraud Trial, Chrisley Knows Best Stars Look Happy As Ever In First Season 9 Trailer

After a lengthy federal investigation dating all the way back to 2017, married reality TV couple Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on bank fraud and tax evasion charges in late 2019. Their trial kicked off in this past May with the prosecution taking no prisoners (figuratively speaking) in the opening statements. A lot of bombshell revelations have since come out in various testimonies, including the wild amount of money the defendants allegedly needed to fund their lavish lifestyle each month and how Todd’s once-estranged daughter had an outburst on the stand that reportedly riled up the jury. Amidst all the courtroom drama, the Chrisley Knows Best stars are nevertheless happy as ever in the show’s first Season 9 trailer.

Truth be told, it's felt like a hot minute since the USA Network reality series was on the air. (Season 8 had concluded in March of 2021.) Yet, the new clip show above shows the Chrisley family up to their same old, down south shenanigans. Another prank war is evidently afoot, and Nanny Faye is (per usual) highlighted as the biggest jokester of the bunch. Not only is the 77-year-old spotted in a head-to-toe goth ensemble, but she’s also seen dragging her son Todd Chrisley to what appears to be a swinger’s party.

Obviously, Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best was filmed prior to the more recent fraud trial going on, so we don’t expect too much on that front in the upcoming episodes. The tone of the show doesn’t usually stray far from silliness, anyway, as we can see in this trailer. However, it isn’t totally out of the question that the TV personalities will address serious topics or the current controversy surrounding them, especially given that the USA Network has already greenlit the show for a tenth season (slated to air in late 2022). I mean, Bravo’s Real Housewives of New Jersey generated a lot of buzz when it documented nearly the entirety of Teresa Giudice’s own fraud charges and subsequent prison time.

During the trial of late, per Insider, Todd Chrisley's former business partner Mark Braddock (who exchanged immunity for his admission and testimony to committing bank fraud for the couple) alleged that they had an affair which predated the star’s notoriety on Chrisley Knows Best. As he told it, they acquiesced to a blackmailer at one point, who was threatening to expose their relationship and fraudulent activities to the public, by paying them $38,000.

What’s more is that the reality star’s mother, a.k.a. Nanny Faye, had to take the stand this past week regarding her having ownership of the “7C’s Productions” company, where the family received payments for Chrisley Knows Best. Supposedly, the couple on trial had transferred the ownership as a means to further evade paying taxes. However, Nanny Faye claimed in court (also from Insider) that she doesn’t read any of the financial documents put in front of her because her role is just as a “signer.” Regarding her part in financing a Bentley for Todd and Julie Chrisley under her name, she hinted that she might’ve been informed about the purchase but didn’t recall, saying to the prosecution while on the stand,

I've got a lot of age on me, a lot of water under the bridge. So I don't remember some things.

The defense rested their case on June 2. Todd and Julie Chrisley have denied the charges against them and opted to forgo testifying on their own behalf in court. Closing arguments are expected to take place on June 3, followed closely by the jury commencing deliberations on a verdict thereafter.

Season 9 of Chrisley Knows Best premieres on the USA Network on August 12. We'll see if the outcome of the trial induces similarly happy spirits as filming the show apparently did, but regardless, fans can catch up on all previous seasons with a Peacock subscription.

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