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Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars Lala Kent And James Kennedy Reveal Whether They Would Ever Get Back Together

The relationship between Vanderpump Rules co-stars Lala Kent and James Kennedy is a long and sordid tale to be sure. The short and sweet, though, is that Kennedy introduced Kent on the show as his girlfriend in Season 4 after the disastrous romantic dynamic between him and his other co-star Kristen Doute finally fell apart. Things played out as equally up-and-down between Kent and Kennedy before their own breakup. Fast-forward to a few years later, and the two are both now single at the same time. Bravo fans know what they'd like to see happen in the form of a recoupling, and the castmates chimed in on whether that could actually be in the cards. 

Following another juicy episode of their reality show airing on Bravo – which saw Brock Davies’ official proposal to Scheana Shay – Lala Kent and James Kennedy dropped in to dish with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. It was an auspicious moment in that not only has Kent broken off her engagement with Randall Emmett, but Kennedy and his fiancée/co-star Raquel Leviss broke theirs off recently, too. Of course, Cohen asked him what we were all thinking: does this mean they'll try dating each other again? For her part, Kent said,

Oh my gosh. I mean, I don't think James Kennedy is ready to be like a stepdad... So much has changed since we got together. But he's like one of my best friends… I don't know, James, what do you think?

Now, that's not a yes, but it's also not a no. (Cue the ominous music.) If anything, the Bravo alum seemed to be hedging her bets on what James Kennedy would say. When she did turn things over to him on Watch What Happens Live, he was unsurprisingly just as cagey in his response but didn't disappoint eager fans entirely, saying:

Honestly, we both have done so much growing up and stuff. I'd love to just continue this beautiful friendship that we do have. I mean, look, I never say never to anything nowadays. Honestly, after everything I've been through, I never say never to anything.

Technically, Lala Kent revealed on her podcast platform recently that she is in fact dipping her toe in the dating pool once more – only two months after her and Randall Emmett’s breakup. However, she added later on Watch What Happens Live that she is more so focused on taking care of her and Emmett’s 10-month-old daughter, Ocean. 

As for Emmett himself, Kent told Andy Cohen that she should have seen the red flags about his reported cheating sooner. The two ex-fiancés are apparently not speaking when it comes to anything outside their child.

James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss’ dis-engagement is a different story entirely. He told Andy Cohen that they still communicate and are friends. Although, Leviss evidently got their dog Graham in the “divorce,” with Kennedy claiming he got the engagement ring back. Reports have suggested that it was Leviss’ decision to end things because they were not “in love” anymore. Which seems fairly accurate if the Vanderpump Rules alum is okay to casually tease a future Lala Kent romance.

The two big breakups leave so many question marks hovering over the Vanderpump Rules cast. Will Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney still be financially backed by Randall Emmett for their sandwich shop idea? Will Raquel Leviss return to the series in Season 10? Will Lala Kent? She doesn't seem too optimistic, but the upcoming reunion show will hopefully hold some answers.

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