After Mary Cosby Denies Exiting Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City, Sources Allege She's A 'Fool' To Think She'll Stay On

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast photo of Mary Cosby
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Mary Cosby has been making headlines for weeks now. Not only did she stir up backlash for making racially insensitive comments on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (again), but she argued the facts with fans online. The reality star would later not show up for the Season 2 reunion taping, with Andy Cohen hinting that her tenure might have been winding down. Reports have since proclaimed that Cosby had exited the show for good, which she in fact flat-out denies is the case. Now, Bravo production sources apparently allege that Cosby is a “fool” to think she’ll stay on with the rest of the cast.

Page Six was the first to report that an insider confirmed Mary Cosby's exit from Real Housewives in Salt Lake City. It would have made for the second firing in a month’s time, a record-breaking feat for the franchise that is known to most most of its key decisions prior to filming. However, the controversial pastor quickly refuted the assertions on her Twitter account after weeks of radio silence. She wrote:

This Story Is Not True!!This is a complete Fabrication’ A Complete Lie!’ I have not spoke to anyone!!

Following up on Mary Cosby's denial, the Page Six production source suggested that she was now a “laughingstock.” In their view, the claim made by the RHOSLC star was not only bold but confusing given the circumstances. They said:

Mary looks like a fool. How are you going to break Bravo’s cardinal rule by skipping the reunion and then expect to be welcomed back with open arms? It doesn’t work that way. It’s really puzzling that Mary would even try to shut it down on Twitter. Doesn’t she realize the news was going to come out anyway once Season 3 premiered and she was nowhere to be found? She hasn’t filmed anything, and the cast was told weeks ago that she won’t be.

Supposedly, Mary Cosby's co-stars, Heather Gay and Jen Shah, were spotted talking to her uncle outside her church amidst filming the third season, per video caught by a fan on Instagram. So perhaps, she really is under the impression that the door is still open to her on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after skipping the reunion? Maybe she hasn't even been informed yet on Bravo's potentially final decision?

Regardless, it's not looking too good for the alum, especially after her co-star Jennie Nguyen was fired last week for making similarly controversial remarks in the past. Nguyen has since spoken out in the wake of her ouster – and it didn't exactly go over well for her with fans or her co-stars.

The writing looks well on the wall in regards to Mary Cosby, too. But that doesn't mean the frequently controversial TV personality won't make some noise on the way out. If that is indeed what all this confusion really is…

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