Another Chrisley Reality Show Is In The Works As Julie And Todd Chrisley Serve Prison Sentences

The Chrisley family may currently be in the midst of troubling times, be it emotionally, mentally, physically or otherwise — though not spiritually, to be sure — but it looks like a burst of good news has been bubbling up. The family’s long-running reality show Chrisley Knows Best is in the midst of its tenth season on USA, despite seeming as if it'd been cancelled ahead of Todd and Julie Chrisley serving their respective prison sentences, but it sounds like daughter Savannah is spearheading a new project that may not be following in its predecessor’s exact footsteps.

In the latest episode of the podcast Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley, the host and TV star was all smiles throughout thanks in part to fan favorite guest Nanny Faye (who was just as verbally free-floating and Nanny-tastic as could be) showing up, not to mention appearances from li’l Chloe. But beyond that, she also dropped the unexpected news that a new TV project is being ironed out, and she confirmed that interest is already there. After Chloe make a joke about Nanny Faye fronting the next show, Savannah Chrisley followed up by saying: 

Nanny Knows Best! Ha. Well, speaking of another show, you do know that we’re talking to a few production companies about doing another show.

After which, the conversation took a turn into other topics, keeping fans waiting for more info. Thankfully, though, that extra info did indeed arrive a little while later, with Nanny Faye sharing that she's absolutely ready to get back into the filming process. According to Savannah:

So you’re ready for a new show. Well, like I said, there are tons of production companies that have reached out, and networks that want to do a show.

Nanny Faye then offered up a bit of gold by way of pitching the show concept as Chrisleys Bounce Back, which the podcast host took too immediately, embracing what it could represent, saying:

Bounce Back Chrisleys. I love that, actually. That’s absolutely amazing, because it’s so true. Because at the end of the day, we’re not going to allow this to stop us from moving forward.

To that end, she said the new show would embrace the same vibe of Chrisley Knows Best in the sense that it will feature the family as a unit enjoying each other's company. But she did speak to the idea that, because the family wasn't in charge of how things were handled on the production side, that its reality/comedy balance maybe wasn't the ideal they were reaching for. 

However, the new project will 100% fall onto the "reality" side of things, even with genuine moments of humor threaded through, and will seemingly bring to the small screen the details and viewpoints that Savannah Chrisley has talked about on past episodes of the podcast. In her words:

But also, I feel like a new show is going to be reality. We’re going to touch on where we’re at today: mom and dad being gone, how we’re coping with it, how we get through it. Also, too, having two kids and all of us stepping in to make sure they have what they need — emotionally, psychologically, physically, all the things — I feel like there is a level of humor to it as well.

In saying many production companies and networks are interested in a new Chrisley project, she seemed to imply that USA wouldn't be the future home, and that it won't be tied to any streaming services. (Chrisley Knows Best is available to stream with a Peacock subscription, for those interested.) But until information is officially revealed, it's anyone's guess where and how things will play out. 

The podcast episode also spent some time addressing the negativity that the family members have faced regarding comments made about Todd and Julie Chrisley. Savannah, who clapped back at American Idol's Bobby Bones for his publicized take on things, has repeatedly voiced her belief that her parents will come out on top of this situation, despite their convictions, and has put her faith into the justice system as the appeals process continues.

Here's hoping future episodes of Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley have even more details when they drop every Tuesday. 

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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