Are 9-1-1 And Lone Star Planning Another Big Crossover? What The Showrunner Says

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9-1-1: Lone Star Season 4 premiered last week and, as you would expect, fans are anxious to see what storylines are on the horizon. One of the biggest questions, of course, has been whether or not the 126 will, at some point, cross paths with the 118 from the parent series again. Amid the uncertainty that fans have expressed over the matter, showrunner Tim Minear has dropped some thoughts on the future of his first-responder drama.

The first big crossover between 9-1-1 and Lone Star aired two years ago and saw the 118 take a drive to Texas to help out with a raging wildfire. The episode included plenty of notable moments, with one being T.K.’s assumption about Buck’s sexuality. Last season, there was also a mini crossover on Lone Star that involved Athena. With all of that in mind, one can't help but wonder about any future mash-ups. Tim Minear told TVLine that there are some things planned, though nothing as big as the wildfire:

We have some nichey crossover things coming up. If you remember, last year, we did that thing with Athena in LA, helping Carlos and Grace close out a case. I’m not saying we’re doing that again, but there is some cross-pollination that may not have occurred to you. It’s not the most obvious way into a crossover, but there is cross-pollination, let’s go with that.

Although it would be nice to have a full-on crossover, it's hard to deny that such events are difficult to coordinate from both narrative and production standpoints. Luckily, it sounds like there are still fun things planned that fans should enjoy, and I’m curious to see exactly what lies ahead. Surely, Tim Minear has put plenty of thought into how he wants to proceed moving forward.

So far, this franchise has definitely found some creative ways to cross pollinate. Fans of the flagship may remember that the character of Pepper, who pepper-sprayed Santa, later appeared on the sister series as well, for example. Moving forward though, I'd be most interested in getting more information on Mateo’s cousin, who was brought up in the crossover episode. Julian Works, who plays Mateo on the spinoff, appeared in an early Season 2 episode of OG show as Marvin. Diving into this would be a clever way to tie up a loose end and maybe even create another "beautiful pairing" in a 9-1-1 show.

Considering Tim Minear's comments, we'l have quite a bit of time to speculate about what might happen in a future 9-1-1 crossover. One thing can be said for sure is that it would be a shame if these two shows never got another massive event at some point down the road. I mean, if the slew of NCIS shows can make crossovers work, (despite the fact that they all film in different places), I don't see why Fox's procedurals can't do the same.

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