As Bull Prepares To End, Star Geneva Carr Opens Up About Working With Michael Weatherly And What's Still Coming

While Bull is mostly known for being a case-of-the-week sort of series, for fans who have stuck with the show for the last six seasons, we’ve learned lots of personal details about Marissa, Jason and the rest of the gang as well. In recent weeks, Michael Weatherly announced he will be stepping down from Bull at the end of the 2022 TV season, which then led to the show’s cancellation. Now, Weatherly’s co-star Geneva Carr is speaking out about what’s coming as the show wraps, and how much she’s going to miss working with the incrediBULL team.

Recently, Geneva Carr revealed she has been told what is going to happen to Marissa as the series wraps, which will just so happen to be CBS' final finale of the TV season. While I’m deeply jealous she already has an inkling of what’s coming – one of the perks of filming and getting scripts in advance – she does give the fans some hints about what is coming on the CBS show, revealing to TV Insider:

I do know [the ending], and it is so exciting. The episode with Sasha is really thrilling, what I get handed, and in the next episode, that is directed by Bethany Rooney, wow, I get some great stuff. And let me just say, there’s a guest star that’s coming back that’s gonna give Marissa a run for her money and reveal where Marissa ends up in terms of TAC. Do not count her out because girl power. [Cheers]

Recently, Bull has focused on Marissa’s personal life, including a relationship with a character named Henri. And spoilers: In typical Marissa fashion, she did a background check on her partner (I mean she did get her money stolen by a con man back in an earlier season!) and found out he was married. Only she didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt about why he might have dated her while with someone else, and even though it sounds wild, there was a reasonable reason involving the wife needing to stay on Henri's insurance. However, while her personal life has been up and down, Geneva Carr went on to explain that much of what’s exciting about Marissa’s ending actually has to do with her work.  

Geneva Carr in Bull: The Final Season

(Image credit: CBS)

Though she’s been clear on social media that the ending of the show will be a bittersweet one, Carr’s also been spearheading the Bull puns when talking about how wonderful it’s been to work with the cast and crew for multiple seasons and more than 100 episodes now. In particular, she will miss working with Michael Weatherly, noting how much he's advocated for her during their time on the show.

I would say it’s definitely gonna be more amicable, and I have to say that my relationship with Michael is part of that. He is the most supportive friend you could possibly have. He’s been my ally on the set and he was the most insistent that I really fight for this opportunity to direct. So Dr. Bull is gonna continue to guide Marissa and there’s some major changes that are coming to pass at TAC. And I think just as in life, onscreen, Dr. Bull is gonna give Marissa the desire and the courage to go for it.

Bull is inching closer to endgame each week, but you can see how the final episodes play out on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET, only on CBS. Or you can revisit your favorite episodes with a Paramount Plus subscription

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