Bull Star Opens Up About What She'll Miss About Michael Weatherly And Co. As Show Nears Ending

We’re approaching the end of Bull. It won’t be a surprise cancellation for the CBS series, which should be a solace to fans. Yet it does make the ending of the show a bit more bittersweet, particularly as the cast has time to reminisce about what they’ll miss. And where co-star Geneva Carr is concerned, what she’ll miss includes a heavy dose of Michael Weatherly

The actress took to Instagram after the announcement Bull will be ending at the end of the 2021-2022 TV schedule to share her thoughts. She noted in her comments about the series wrapping it was “impossiBULL” to put all of her feelings into words. In the time since, she’s continued to post about the show and this week she took some time to thank Michael Weatherly for his support over the past six seasons, as well as to talk about what she’ll miss. 

In her comments, Geneva Carr called Michael Weatherly “better than family,” which is either high praise or says something about her family. I’m kidding, it really does seem like high praise, as she even hashtags the post #livingmybestlife and also comments about Bull having the best crew. In short, Michael Weatherly may have decided to end the series. Given he’s Jason Bull, that will be the end of the show, but Carr at least seems like she could have kept the gig for a while longer. 

When Bull premiered on CBS back in 2016, it felt like a brand new chapter for Michael Weatherly, who’d previously spent more than a decade on NCIS before exiting. (Tiva reunion anyone?) Maybe it’s due to the longevity of the other show, but Bull ending just a few years later does feel a little startling. And while it’s had a six-season run, that’s not among the lengthiest for the Eye Network.

Michael Weatherly first shared the news back in January that he would be departing Bull. Given he plays the lead on the show, Jason Bull, and the entire structure revolves around Bull taking on cases with a team around him to assist, the show will also be ending with his departure. In the meantime, though, the actor has promised a "big series finish" to close out the show.

What that means is unclear right now, and Bull still has a few more episodes to air. In fact, one of those episodes "With These Hands" is actually going to be directed by Geneva Carr, so she's still got a lot of great stuff to come before the series ultimately closes out. It also means, I'm fairly certain, she'll have more fun posts to come.

Bull currently airs on Thursday nights on CBS, or you can catch up on the series with a Paramount+ subscription.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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