As Magnum P.I. Renewal Rumors Spread, Fans Are Rallying Around Cancelled Drama Harder Than Ever

Thomas Magnum holding phone in Magnum P.I.
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Of all the many shows that are ending in 2022, whether by abrupt cancellation or something more planned out, the one sparking arguably the largest fan-based renewal campaign so far has surprisingly been the crime drama Magnum P.I. CBS pulling the plug on the Hawaii-set procedural so soon after its Season 4 finale immediately sat wrong with the show's fanbase, which has been quite vocal on social media about their collective hopes for another network or platform to pick the show up for a fifth season. And now that highly optimistic rumors are going around indicating Magnum P.I. could indeed return to audiences for new episodes, the fervor has only become more impassioned online.

As one of many network series that got the axe going into network upfronts presentations, Magnum P.I. almost immediately inspired widespread #SaveMagnumPI messages on Twitter and beyond, with fans calling for either CBS to reverse its decision or for the show to find a new home elsewhere. Less than two weeks later, rumors surfaced indicating the show’s production company Universal Television was putting feelers out for where Jay Hernandez could potentially pop up next in one of Thomas Magnum’s signature Hawaiian shirts. And it wasn’t much longer before more details emerged, with NBC and its sister network USA topping the list of potential future homes.

While nothing further has come out in the days since those reports spread around, Magnum P.I.’s fanbase has made it abundantly clear online that they’re very much into the idea of NBC or USA rising to the challenge of producing the drama’s fifth season. Doesn’t everyone deserve to smile more these days? This Twitter user likely agrees.

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Given how stressful life can be in 2022 in particular, some Magnum P.I. fans definitely wish to revisit the show’s picturesque settings in all of their sun-soaked glory. 

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And don't go thinking everyone in the Magnum P.I. fandom is only aiming to see Jay Hernandez returning to the title role all by his lonesome, even though he probably got the lion's share of celeb reactions following the show's cancellation. Rather, audiences are eager to see the entire fam back together again for new episodes, as this is a well-oiled and well-balanced crew that shouldn't be split apart.  

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Even if past episodes can be rewatched in their entirety with a Paramount+ subscription, such facts aren’t stopping viewers from pushing for Season 5 to be manifested into reality. If not just for general enjoyment purposes, then for how Magnum P.I. appeals to military vets, diverse communities, and those who tire of consistently pessimistic and cynical storytelling. 

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What’s more, those same fans are also extremely pumped to see their efforts being recognized online by way of “#SaveMagnumPI” becoming a popular trending topic in recent days, indicating the widespread positivity is making a mark in some way. Thousands and thousands of posts are being shared daily in the name of Thomas Magnum's TV return. It's obviously hard to know whether that'll be enough to fully convince other network execs to go all-in on a new season, but it certainly can't hurt.

It's unclear whether this and similar posts are legitimate or not, some fans are sharing an image alleging that a digital billboard in Times Square this week was a "Save Magnum P.I." promotion with a QR code on it. If true, then that's a pretty huge step in growing the campaign's publicity. And if not true, it's still not a bad way to spread the word. 

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Though Magnum P.I. isn’t on it, CBS previously revealed its 2022 fall schedule, with a new series taking the cancelled drama’s former time slot. But should the crime drama get a renewal order somewhere, we'll likely still be waiting until 2023 for eps to air. 

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