As Wendy Williams Sets Post-Talk Show Future, There's More Bad News For Her Fans

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Just a few weeks ago, talk show aficionados witnessed the end of an era, as The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode. The fan-favorite series signed off after 13 years, without the titular host actually being there. Williams, who’d had a revolving door of guest hosts filling in for her since last year, is currently in the process of planning her post-talk show future. Meanwhile, Sherri Shepherd is set to take over the veteran host’s former timeslot with her own program. Avid fans are more than likely sorry to see Williams go and, unfortunately for them, they just got hit with some more bad news. 

It would seem that The Wendy Williams Show’s presence on the web is being scrubbed in the aftermath of its cancellation. The show’s official YouTube channel, which included a sizable number of clips from various interviews, has been deleted. In addition, domains for the show like “” and “” no longer forward users to resources for the production. Variety notes that the former merely gives an error message, while the latter domain now appears under an auction at Go Daddy. 

The YouTube channel’s deletion is a serious blow for longtime followers of the program. There’s a chance that a number of people might’ve continued to visit the account in order to check out some of the sassy media personality’s most memorable moments. Considering the cancellation and the Sherri Shepherd rebrand, it was probably only a matter of time before said footage was made inaccessible, to be honest. Still, some are sure to find this disappointing, as the channel was the only public place where one could access the archived content. 

As time goes on, the reality of The Wendy Williams Show’s demise is really starting to settle in. Fans got a real shock just a few weeks ago when it was reported that Williams’ purple chair and other pieces of memorabilia were being “thrown in the trash.” This includes the former host’s famous wigs, which she reportedly never returned to claim. Though it’s not too surprising to hear that she didn’t pick up any momentos, especially since she’s apparently been very focused on the next steps in her career. 

With her health and financial problems apparently behind her, the star initially seemed to be eyeing a return to TV. The host said during an interview back in March that she was gearing up to head back to the old grind in a matter of months. And by April, a source alleged that she was “ready to work.” A recent report, however, suggests that her brand-new career plan involves a podcast, on which she’d interview an array of celebrities. Her manager even claimed that the star had already reached out to some high-profile celebrities about possibly appearing as guests.

Sherri Shepherd, on the other hand, is looking forward to headlining her own talk show, which premieres in September.  All the while, she’s been candid about Wendy Williams’ legacy, crediting her for blazing a trail for other TV personalities. Shepherd, who clarified that she and Williams are “not friends,” also helped pay tribute to her on the show’s final episode. While discussing her successor, Williams said that she liked Shepherd but threw a bit of shade when she “won’t be watching her” because “I know what she’s going to be doing and that’s really not my thing.”

It’s honestly weird knowing that we won’t be able to experience any of that signature snark via clips from past episodes of The Wendy Williams Show. I suppose fans do still have the memories, at the very least, and those could tide them over until the star is ready to return to the media landscape. 

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