After Losing Her TV Show, Wendy Williams Reportedly Has A Brand New Plan For Her Career

Wendy Williams is officially off the TV circuit… for now. After 13 years on the air, her eponymous talk show signed off, without her being present for the final episode. Williams had been absent from the show since last fall amid a flurry of reports regarding her health and financial standing. Now, with the show over, her timeslot will be taken over by Sherri Shepherd, who had been filling in on the OG series (alongside a plethora of other guest hosts). There’s been much speculation about what Williams will do next, and it now appears that she’s devised a new plan for her career moving forward. 

Don’t worry, Wendy Williams is still going to be chatting, throwing shade and spilling tea. She just won’t be doing it on TV. The media personality is reportedly set to enter the world of podcasting. Her manager, Will Selby, shared the details with TMZ, saying that Williams currently has no interest in working in the television sphere full time. Selby will apparently serve as executive producer on the podcast, which Williams mostly hopes to use to highlight her favorite celebrities from the music industry. 

And it would seem that the host has already taken steps to line up some top-tier talent for the podcast. Per TMZ, Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe are among the stars that the former talk show staple has reached out to. The Kardashians and an unnamed member of the Trump family have also received invitations to appear. Based on this lineup, it’s clear that she’s looking to set up some spicy convos. 

This does seem like the perfect platform for a public figure like Wendy Williams. The market is a bit saturated at this time, as a number of celebrities have launched podcasts over the past several years. However, Williams’ unique voice and devoted fanbase do put her in a prime position to succeed. Add in some quality guests, and you’ve got entertainment gold. 

The career move is a bit surprising, though, given what’s been reported over the last few months. It was suggested, on multiple occasions, that the host was interested in returning to television. In March, she claimed that she’d be ready to return to her small-screen gig in “about three months.” Shortly after, a source alleged that she was “ready to work” and in “good form” after her reported medical and financial struggles. With all of that said, it’s totally possible the star simply changed her mind about the next steps in her professional life after some brainstorming and advice from her business partners. 

Despite this new development, I still wouldn’t throw out the idea of Wendy Williams making a return to TV. She’s still a widely popular pundit and, if she ever changes her mind down the line and seeks out another talk show, a studio could come knocking on her door. 

But whatever happens for her career-wise, it’s just good to hear that Wendy Williams is improving after what’s seemingly been a turbulent time in her life. A start date for the podcast has yet to be announced, though it’s probably a safe bet that when that first episode drops, her loyal fans will be listening in for that first “How you doin?”

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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