Could Wendy Williams Be Prepping To Get Back To Work? Here’s The Latest

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It’s been an unfortunate past few months for Wendy Williams. Reports suggested that her ongoing health problems (i.e. the reason behind guest hosts filling in on her daytime talk show) were in fact turning into serious financial woes. Her reps and legal team fervently denied any serious health decline in the matter but, ultimately, The Wendy Williams Show was cancelled after 13 seasons on the air. Still, it wouldn’t be long before Williams herself announced that she would be ready for a TV return in only three months. And it might just be the case after all, given the latest intel hinting that she is possibly prepping to get back to work.

Page Six spotted the TV personality out on the town in New York City earlier this week, and she seemed in relatively good spirits by the looks of her smiles for the cameras. She reportedly had dinner at the Fresco by Scotto restaurant with her niece, her niece’s boyfriend and Baruch Shemtov. According to onlookers who spoke to the outlet, the meal was both business and pleasure by all appearances. Supposedly, Wendy Williams was overheard saying that she was looking to make a “big comeback.” The subject of her financial beef with her bank Wells Fargo (which froze her accounts last that was heard) seemingly came up. A source revealed:

Wendy was talking to Baruch about her situation with Wells Fargo and she confidently said ‘I’m getting my money back very soon.’

If true, it’s a promising sign for the media personality's future on television. Getting her finances back in order is one thing, but it’s another thing entirely if she is quite well enough to chat up her old connections. Baruch Shemtov is known as somewhat of a prodigy in certain high fashion circles, and he used that momentum to build an extensive resume as a journalist in recent years – working everywhere from CNN to the Huffington Post to Extra. Perhaps he might get the word out (or already is) about the ex-talk show host’s plans.

Along with the recent dinner sighting, Wendy Williams has been showing off her health recovery likewise on Instagram. Some have even hinted that she’s truly getting back to her “old self.” Page Six’s source alleges the same, that the transformation is apparent to those closest to the star. They said:

She’s ready to get back to work. When you hear her talk… anyone who’s known her for years, knows they’re getting a Wendy who’s ready to work. She’s really in good form.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not exactly the best climate for ousted talk show hosts looking to start up something new. Several other longtime shows are coming to an end in 2022, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Maury. Not to mention, following the cancellation of Nick Cannon’s namesake talk show after a one-season arc, too, another daytime talk show in The Real is getting the axe as well after eight seasons on the air.

From all appearances, a newer, younger vanguard of hosts are taking up the mantle of daytime TV. Kelly Clarkson is replacing Ellen DeGeneres. The upcoming Jennifer Hudson Show is coming in hot in the wake of The Real’s cancellation. And Drew Barrymore’s relatively new talk show is charming the pants off viewers all the time. And of course, Wendy Williams herself is being succeeded by Sherri Shepherd. All of this may not bode well for Williams’ apparent prep work.

Nevertheless, the 57-year-old had joked in her return-to-TV announcement that she has “the mind and body of a 25-year-old.” So she clearly won’t be discounted just yet. We’ll see if things pan out and she is able to develop a new show that can be added to the 2022 TV schedule.

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