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What's Happening To Wendy Williams' Purple Chair And All Her Stuff Now That Her Show Is Over?

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(Image credit: Debmar-Mercury)

The Wendy Williams Show aired its final episode on June 17, having wrapped after 13 seasons. The somewhat awkward affair was a rather fitting end to a final season during which its eponymous host never returned. A montage recalled a number of memorable guests and moments from years past, and the host’s trademark, “How you doin’?” catchphrase was repeated quite a few times throughout the episode by guest host Sherri Shepherd, the audience, crew members, and assorted guests. Regardless of one's feelings about the finale, I don’t think many fans are going to be doing okay after they hear what’s happening to Williams’ famous purple chair and other memorabilia now that the talk show has ended.

Wendy Williams didn’t appear in any episodes from her talk show’s 13th season, amid health concerns from COVID and other ongoing issues, but with reports that she was “on the mend” and hoping to return to TV, some wondered if she’d make an appearance on the series finale. She didn’t, and while the host herself didn’t comment publicly on her show’s final episode (yet), her ex-husband called it a “travesty.” The news doesn’t get any better from there, y'all, as The Sun reports now that it’s all over, Williams’ iconic purple chair and other set pieces and items from the show are being “thrown in the trash.” A source said:

The chair is just going to be thrown out. Production is not even bothering to try to donate the chair to a museum — like The View did with their original table after 10 years. They gave it to the Smithsonian.

I’m sorry, what? It seems unbelievable that no one would want to save that chair for posterity. Regardless of the drama that surrounded The Wendy Williams Show's final season, or any before it, there’s no denying the media personality left her mark on daytime TV, and in the 12 seasons she did host, she was nominated for multiple Daytime Emmys. But the source said the production didn’t bother to try to find a home for the piece, which is a total shame if true. Other items are reportedly meeting the same fate, with the source saying:

The wigs are still there since she didn't come and get them, so they're being thrown out.

Say it ain’t so! It’s one thing to end the show amidst Wendy Williams’ health and financial battles, but it’s quite another to disrespect such visually memorable aspects of her TV legacy and what she accomplished in the twelve years prior. It's possible that Williams might hear about these reports in time to save the furniture, wigs, and other treasures herself. 

Back in February, Debmar-Mercury announced The Wendy Williams Show would be officially replaced by a new talk show hosted by Sherri Shepherd, who was one of many guests to fill in for Williams in Season 13. While Shepherd has remained respectful and complimentary to her predecessor, she has clarified that the two women are not friends, and Wendy Williams previously threw some shade at her replacement, saying she would not be tuning in when Sherri premieres. So we probably shouldn't put any bets on Shepherd being the one to step in and save the purple chair.

It’s a sad situation overall, as Wendy Williams continues to fight to regain full control of her finances. We hope she continues to take care of herself, and her fans will be excited if and when she makes her return to television. Until then, be sure to check out our 2022 TV Schedule to see what new and returning shows are premiering soon.

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