Attack On Titan: The Best Battle Sequences I Could Watch Over And Over, Ranked

Eren's Founding Titan form in Attack on Titan.
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If anyone knows me, they know I’m a pretty big fan of anime. I’ve watched a ton of them, from some family friendly and wholesome ones to shows that have truly changed my life and have been so intense. One of those shows that I’ve come to love is Attack on Titan. 

The show, which is still finishing up its fourth season, is insanely popular, and with every season that has occurred, there have been some massive battle sequences that I’ve found myself watching over and over again no matter what. If you’re like me and you’re just looking for an excuse to watch some more Attack on Titan, here are my top ten battle sequences from Attack on Titan that I could watch over and over again. 

And be warned, there are spoilers for Attack on Titan Season 4, Part 3 (Part 1) down below!!!!!!

The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan.

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10. The Survey Corps Vs The Colossal And The Armored (Season 2)

Starting off strong is this fight in Season 2 of Attack on Titan, during the episode “Close Combat.” While this fight doesn’t necessarily show the amount of skills or gore that some of the other fights on this list entail, it ranks on this list as one of the best simply for the story behind it – it’s the first time we get to see who the Armored Titan and the Colossal Titan are. 

Obviously, taking down the Colossal was an intense task that no one could accomplish, even when the Colossal wasn’t at his fullest form then, but fight between Eren and Reiner in their Titan forms was truly one of the best fights of second season – and set the stage for all their encounters down the line. 

Armin in Attack on Titan going after the Colossal.

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9. The Survey Corps Vs The Colossal And The Armored (Season 3)

Season 3 of Attack on Titan was arguably the best of the whole entire show, at least in my opinion. You’ll be seeing plenty of those sequences on this list, but one I have to put down is during the “Return to Shiganshina” arc, where the Survey Corps take on both the Armored and the Colossal at the same time. 

Keep in mind, this isn’t a lot of people who are facing these two powerhouse Titans. The rest of the Survey Corps was occupied with the Beast Titan, while Hange’s squad, as well as Eren and the rest of Levi’s squad, was off trying to take the Colossal and Armored down. It’s an intense set of episodes that end in a very heartbreaking fashion. 

The Female Titan chasing after Eren in Attack on Titan.

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8. The Survey Corps Vs. The Female Titan In The Forest Of Giant Trees (Season 1)

The entire “Female Titan” arc Season 1 of Attack on Titan was actually one of my least favorite, just because it felt like it was dragged out for so long. But what I will say is that I enjoyed the Female Titan’s fight in the Forest of Giant Trees. That was intense. 

It was a back and forth battle. It looked as if the Female Titan would win before the Scouts captured her, and then she was able to make it out using her powers before she appeared again and took out literally all of Levi’s former Special Operations Squad, who are supposed to be the best in terms of soldiers. It’s seriously some of the best fighting there was. 

Mikasa facing the Yeagerists in Attack on Titan.

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7. The Alliance Vs. The Yeagerists (Season 4)

When I say that humans in the Attack on Titan world can be badass, I mean that wholeheartedly. In Season 4, during the episode, “Traitor,” it’s an all out brawl between the Scouts and the Yeagerists, who support Eren’s genocide plan. It’s an action-packed set of minutes where we watch members of the Alliance – both Survey Corps members and Warriors from Marley – come together in order to take down the Yeagerists who are trying to prevent them from getting to a boat to stop Eren. 

From watching the Armored Titan and the Female Titan fight together to seeing Mikasa literally kill everyone to seeing Falco’s Jaw Titan, the battle sequence is ultimately one of the best of the series so far.

The Survey Corps in Attack on Titan.

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6. The Survey Corps Vs. Marley (Season 4)

The arrival of the Survey Corps into Marley during the first half of Season 4 lives rent-free in my mind. This is another case where the battle doesn’t take place during one specific episode, but through several, showcasing the destruction that this war is going to cause, and this part of the battle focuses on the soldiers arriving to rescue Eren. 

There’s something so gratifying about seeing Marley quiver in fear at the sight of soldiers from Paradis on their land and doing anything in their power to get Eren back, and while the ending of this sequence may have resulted in one of the most heartbreaking deaths ever on this show, I’ll allow it.

Levi in Attack on Titan.

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5. Levi Vs. Kenny And His Squad (Season 3)

Another Season 3 battle and yeah, pretty much everyone and their mother agrees with me that this is one of the best sequences in AOT. It’s not super long, only taking place during the Season 3 episode “Pain,” but it just shows how freaking ruthless Levi can be. 

He is able to take out several of Kenny’s men while literally airborne, barely breaking a sweat and avoiding most of the shots that are fired his way if not for a single graze along his forehead, all for it to lead to a confrontation between him and Kenny in a pub – only for Levi to pull a shotgun on him. The animation is spectacular. Wit Studios outdid themselves with this one. 

The Attack Titan vs The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan.

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4. The Attack Titan Vs. The Armored Titan (Season 4)

Season 4 has had plenty of awesome fight sequences and I’m tired of people not giving MAPPA the love they deserve because I loved watching the Armored Titan and the Attack Titan fighting once again during the second half of Season 4. 

It lasts for several episodes, the whole entire fight culminating with several other Titans appearing to help Reiner take down Eren’s Attack Titan form, but it’s just sheer destruction between these two. While they used to be comrades, Eren is so far gone that he simply does not care anymore and will do anything in order to succeed in what is going to happen down the line. This fight shows his brutality more than anything else. 

The Warhammer Titan and the Attack Titan on Attack on Titan.

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3. The Attack Titan Vs. The Warhammer And Jaw Titans (Season 4)

Another fight that takes place over a series of episodes in Attack on Titan is when Eren takes on the Warhammer Titan, as well as the Jaw Titan. He took them by a surprise attack, and only then do we see just how weak the Attack Titan could be in comparison to other Titans. 

But the reason I put this so high is that it’s really the first time we see Eren go all out. While you can tell that he is physically the weaker Titan at first, he is able to succeed in the long-run and again, shows how rageful he can be. We see him literally break open the crystalized form of the wielder of the Warhammer Titan and watch her blood drip into his mouth. That is nasty but so good. 

Hange vs the Colossals in Attack on Titan.

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2. Hange Vs. The Colossals (Season 4)

Major spoilers, but yeah. This got me good. 

Granted, I already knew what was going to happen to Hange since I’ve read the manga, but there was something about seeing them animated and sacrificing themselves during the Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 special that made me cry. 

The animation was done beautifully and was so badass, and one of their last lines, the “Titans truly are marvelous,” was the perfect way to cap off the character. I’m always going to remember them – and sob over their death.

Levi taking out Beast Titan on Attack on Titan.

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1. Erwin, Levi, And The Survey Corps Vs. The Beast Titan (Season 3)

This fight was unhinged from the very beginning and I knew it was going to be number one. Zeke as the Beast Titan during the “Return to Shiganshina” arc was on another level of insanity and the battle sequence delivered. 

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From Commander Erwin rushing his soldiers to their deaths in order to create a distraction to Levi literally swinging from the necks of Titans in order to get Zeke to the very, very bitter end, every single second of “Hero” is utter perfection. It’s an episode that had me sobbing like an absolute baby, and that’s why it deserves to have its main battle sequence at number one. 

This show has honestly changed my life and I’ll be very sad when it does inevitably end, but I can look back on these battle sequences and say that I witnessed animated history. Truly, some of the best television I’ve ever seen. 

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