Below Deck's Fraser Olender On Why His Makeup Looks 'So Bad' During The Show's Confessionals

Fraser Olender on Below Deck
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Below Deck's ninth season is underway, with Captain Lee finally at the helm. And his ragtag crew are up to some hilariously naked and drunk shenanigans. But beyond the usual drama, fans have been distracted by something a little more glaring: Fraser Olender’s makeup during the show's confessionals. The second stew is now explaining why it looks “so bad” as to be noticeable by viewers.

The confessional interviews are typically reserved for castmates to make shady comments about what's going on at that moment in his season. Yet I can't seem to ever hear what Fraser Olender is saying in his own for the show – his orangey makeup is just so loud. It's some cross between an Oompa Loompa and a castmate on the Jersey Shore. And Olender not only agrees but is “furious.” He explained to Hannah Ferrier on her Dear Reality, You’re Effed! podcast:

So basically, I don’t want to out the show too much. But we do our interviews between trips, right? And then four months afterward, four to six months after we do pickups where we give them more footage… And I think that it was those times where I didn’t have the makeup artists from the show do me justice or the lighting was bad or whatever. I looked like I had terrible jaundice in every single BTS scene, and it is so hard to watch. But everyone [online] is like, ‘His makeup is a disaster,’ and it was. It looks awful. It looks so bad. I’m so embarrassed.

Series alum Hannah Ferrier knows a thing or two about feeling some kind of way after unfortunate circumstances transpire on the show. Hers just happen to be the getting fired by Captain Sandy kind, whereas her colleague only looks like a senior citizen after decades in the sun. However, the star doesn't think he'll get over the put up job anytime soon, saying:

I know which ones were done in the field. I know which ones were not on the field, but it’s so bad, Hannah. And it’s so embarrassing…It’s like, I didn’t that to myself, like someone fucking shat on me and I now have to live this the rest of my life!

If it's any consolation to fans, Fraser Olender said he doesn't do fake tans “at all.” The continuously discussed confessionals are just the result of “terrible makeup,” and he in fact recommended that Bravo find new makeup artists for future pickups. Luckily for the Below Deck star, though, he got one thing good from his time on the show: a good friendship with co-star Jake Foulger, who he had an interesting three-way kiss with in the hot tub this past season.

Not a bad trade. Still, going forward, he said he's “never ever” having anyone but himself do his makeup again. And we can't say we blame him… For more Below Deck, tune into Bravo on Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST!

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