Below Deck Med's Lloyd Spencer Shares Where He Stands On Lexi Wilson's Season 6 Shenanigans

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Season 6 of Below Deck: Mediterranean was marked by quite a few shenanigans, and the majority of them can be traced back to second stewardess Lexi Wilson. There was the hot tub blowup, then three blowups with her co-star Mathew Shea in particular. Everything is all said and done now, but then again, things can also feel different in hindsight. (Like, really, really different.) In the wake of this past season, deckhand Lloyd Spencer has shared his own stance on the drama with Wilson.

To be sure, Lloyd Spencer was one of several castmates on the direct receiving end of Lexi Wilson's hot tub tirade. She in fact got physical with him at one point and even called him a “pussy.” In a later episode, Spencer opened up about being sexually fluid and his past experience with homophobia, which seemed to put into context why he was so triggered by Wilson.

At the time, the crew rationalized that too much alcohol (coupled with grief over her father's recent death) might be the real culprit behind Lexi Wilson's behavior. Given it was her first technical offense, too, they all decided to write it off. Bravo fans certainly did not see it the same way. But upon watching Season 6 back, Lloyd Spencer apparently felt conflicted about what he saw. He told Decider:

If I’m honest, when I watched it, I was thinking, ‘God, I wouldn’t want to be Lexi watching this back.’ Feeling bad for her, having to witness [that]. And if it had been that one time, we did forgive her, but unfortunately, it did continue. So yeah, I had some pretty mixed feelings upon watching it back. It was a hard one to watch. Very hard.

As we know now, the drama would only continue to escalate on Below Deck: Mediterranean’s sixth season. Lexi Wilson was ultimately fired, with only two charters left on the books. Criticisms then abounded by fans that Captain Sandy was either too little, too late in her decision or didn't make the right one by also giving chef Mathew Shea another chance. For her part, Captain Sandy has since said that if she knew the full extent of Wilson's first offence, then her firing would have in fact happened much sooner.

It didn’t end, though, with Lexi Wilson's firing. The controversial Below Deck: Mediterranean star took the fight to her social media, where she slammed Bravo for editing her as a villain, as well as how she really felt about her former castmates. Wilson didn’t show up to the Season 6 reunion special but the crew had a lot of surprising thoughts and feelings on what transpired. And in typical fashion, Wilson had a cutting response for them on social media.

At this point, it's safe to say that Lexi Wilson won't be returning to the franchise anytime soon. I guess the shenanigans will be left to chef Rachel Hargrove in the current season of Below Deck. On that front, new episodes premiere on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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