Big Brother 24: Who Is Probably Getting Evicted In Week 5, And How The Vote Might Play Out

Michael Bruner on Big Brother on CBS
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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Wednesday, August 10th. Read at your own risk!

Week 5 of Big Brother Season 24 is almost at an end, which means it’s just about time to say goodbye to another Houseguest. Michael Bruner’s first Head of Household saw a total of five people go up on the block, but only one of them will be sent home come Thursday. Michael won and used the Week 5 veto to remove Joseph Abdin, Terrance Higgins, and Monte Taylor, so who's at risk of going home this week, and where will the votes fall? 

CinemaBlend has been tracking the events of the Big Brother Season 24 (and so can you by checking out the live feeds with a Paramount+ subscription). Based on what's been presented, I have an idea regarding who will likely be going home between Daniel Durston and Kyle Capener. Here’s a look at where the votes lie now, and who we’ll likely see leave come eviction night.

Kyle Capener on Big Brother on CBS

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Who’s Voting To Evict Kyle? 

At present, Kyle Capener feels like a big threat in and as a result, could definitely be taken out sooner than later. His showmance with Alyssa Snider gives him some security with her and other Houseguests outside of The Leftovers and, of course, he’s the co-founder of the majority Leftovers alliance. Despite all of that, it appears that Terrance will be the only person likely to vote against Kyle this week. And that move is more out of loyalty to Daniel than it is an acknowledgment of Kyle’s status as a major competitor in the game. 

Daniel in Big Brother on CBS

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Who’s Voting To Evict Daniel? 

Big Brother fans might’ve gathered that if Terrance is the only person voting out Kyle, then by process of elimination, everyone else eligible to vote in the upcoming eviction is likely voting out Daniel. It took a surprise eviction of Ameerah Jones in Week 3 and then the subsequent eviction of Nicole Layog. But it seems like those outside of The Leftovers are finally aware that there’s another majority alliance in the house, and they don’t want to be on its with bad side. Alyssa, Indy Santos, and Jasmine Davis might’ve been Daniel’s allies in the house at one point, but it seems like they see the writing on the wall and will vote with the house to evict him. 

It’s also worth noting that Daniel did very little to help his game in the days after Nicole’s eviction. His public argument with Monte, which might’ve caused Michael’s HOH letter reading to be cut from the episode, didn’t do him any favors and only drove the nail in his coffin further. Plus, Daniel proved early on that he is a strong player, even if he seems like a man who's alone on an island at the moment.

Daniel Durston on Big Brother on CBS

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Daniel Is Likely Getting Evicted In Week 5

Right now, evicting Daniel is a good play as opposed evicting Kyle and causing mistrust amongst The Leftovers. Daniel will almost certainly leave the Big Brother house on Thursday, and face the backlash that Ameerah and so many others have seen for the mistreatment of Taylor Hale. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Anyone eager for more than that can check out the live feeds, and now would be a good time to do so because it feels like we could soon see another endurance competition on the feeds.

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