Big Brother 24: Who Is Probably Getting Evicted In Week 3

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds as of Wednesday, July 27th. Read at your own risk!

It’s been a wild week in the Big Brother house and, if you haven’t been keeping up with house events since Matt Turner’s Head of Household win, there’s a lot to go over. CinemaBlend has been tracking the events of Season 24 and, while we’re always conditioned to expect the unexpected, it looks like we have a good idea of who will be evicted in Week 3 thanks to the live feeds. 

In a house move that was so unexpected and dramatic that Indy Santos puked, Turner decided to put B=besties Ameerah Jones and Terrance Higgins on the block. The decision caught a good chunk of the Houseguests off guard and, as of Wednesday afternoon, they’re not completely sure how the vote will go. Thankfully, we’ve seen enough to know what’s happening and are ready to suggest that fans are in for yet another blindside. 

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Ameerah Is Likely Going To Be Evicted In Week 3

Ameerah and Terrance were certainly surprised when Turner nominated them for eviction, and the result should be even more shocking.  As of Wednesday afternoon, Ameerah believes she has the votes to stay, but anyone watching the feeds knows that she’s banking on some votes she’s not going to get. What’s better is that the game-changing Leftovers alliance (which orchestrated this whole situation) needs to keep its true votes secret in order to protect its numbers. That means Ameerah might just learn during the live episode that she’s going home. 

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Expect Some Major Fallout After The Eviction

Assuming Ameerah is evicted on Thursday night, there are going to be a number of Houseguests that go into panic mode. I specifically think that Daniel Durston, Nicole Layog, Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, and Indy aren’t going to see this coming, as they all believe Ameerah will ultimately have the votes over Terrance in order to remain in the game. Seeing Ameerah leave won’t only be shocking, it’ll make them realize that they’re all also at risk. 

Additionally, there’s going to be some general uncertainty amongst that bunch in regards to who they can and can’t trust. Live feed viewers should definitely keep an eye on Nicole, who caught the house’s attention due to her angry outburst. The incident happened after Alyssa accidentally exposed one of her alliances in a group conversation. Honestly though, I can see a lot of fights and meltdowns on the horizon because unexpected evictions can almost always result in chaos in the Big Brother house. I’d also expect everyone to gun for the next HOH, especially those who believe they’re no longer safe. Though it's surely stressful for the contestants, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoy the drama as well as the major changes Season 24 has introduced

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET, and you can check out the live feeds using a Paramount+ subscription. Thursday's eviction episode should be a great show, so make sure to tune in and see what happens live.

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