Why Big Brother 24's Week 5 Veto Win Could Spell Big Trouble For A Houseguest

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds as of Sunday, August 7th. Read at your own risk!

Week 5 of Big Brother Season 24 is a critical one for many Houseguests who are now realizing their games could be over with the wrong eviction this week. Michael Bruner’s first Head of Household win was a great leg up for The Leftovers alliance in terms of advancing their games, but it’s not over yet. The veto competition took place on Saturday, and now that it’s over, the results might spell big trouble for one Houseguest. 

CinemaBlend is tracking the events of Big Brother with our Paramount+ subscription, and with a nomination block consisting of Terrance Higgins, Joseph Abdin, and Monte Taylor, there was plenty of temptation for the Houseguests to keep with the theme of this season and take out another major player. Here’s what went down and how the result may ultimately spell doom for an unexpected Houseguest. 

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Michael Won The Veto In Week 5

Michael didn’t just win this week’s HOH competition, he took the veto as well. For those not keeping track at home, this marks Michael’s fourth veto competition win this season and puts him one win away from tying the record for most veto wins in a single season of Big Brother. Winning one more veto will put Michael in the same league as former legendary player Janelle Pierzina (who recently spoke out this season’s shocking scene involving Taylor). Of course, that prestige comes with a crushing consequence that Michael will likely face once this week is up. 

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Will Michael’s Insane Streak Of Wins Sabotage His Chances Of Winning? 

Janelle is an undeniable legend of Big Brother, but let’s not forget she’s appeared in four seasons of the game and has never won. Historically, Houseguests who win a lot of competitions in Big Brother often struggle down the line. In the previous Season 23, Tiffany Mitchell was on a great run until her unnecessary third Head of Household win made her a massive target. It seems the same will happen for Michael, and I think it’s only a matter of time until someone attempts to send him home.

Michael on Big Brother during the veto competition.

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Why Did Michael Try To Win The Veto? 

Michael is a Big Brother superfan, so he has to know all these wins will hurt him down the stretch. Unfortunately, his nomination of Terrance, Joseph, and Monte put two members of The Leftovers up for eviction. That meant Monte and Joseph can’t vote this week, and of course, Michael can only vote in the result of a tie. Michael knew this, which was why he ultimately intended to use the veto to remove them, and nominate his true target, Daniel Durston. 

Michael’s win assured he can do what he wants with the veto, whatever that may be. Right now, it sounds like he’ll go through with targeting Daniel, but with such a big target on his back, I could see him being tempted to maybe break up The Leftovers. We’ll see what he does and hope that he can somehow survive long enough to at least get that record veto win. 

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