Big Brother 24: Michael Bruner's Fiancé Shares His HOH Letter After It Was Left Out Of The Episode

Winning the Head of Household in Big Brother is a big moment for Houseguests. In addition to having a sizable amount of control in what happens throughout the week, they also get some small luxuries such as special snacks and a letter from a loved one. Typically, fans get to see the HOH read their letter during the episodes, but that wasn’t the case for Michael Bruner’s Week 5 win. The decision surprised some fans, as well as Michael’s fiancé Hayden Middleton, who first shared his feelings and then shared the letter. 

Some Big Brother fans might’ve watched Sunday’s episode and completely missed the fact that we didn’t see Michael’s HOH room or his letter, others complained about it online. Hayden Middleton also expressed his surprise that his letter didn’t make the episode on Twitter, especially since every HOH so far this season had theirs featured:

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While Big Brother didn’t showcase Michael’s letter from his fiancé during his big episode, fans with a Paramount+ subscription saw the letter reading on the feeds, and Daniel shared that letter along with Michael’s reaction to it on social media. Check it out below, as well as Michael’s reaction to hearing from his future husband:

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It’s clear that Michael appreciated being able to hear from his fiancé about what he and their three cats have been up to since he entered the Big Brother house. Michael’s smile makes for a heartwarming moment and one that offsets some of the nastiness we’ve seen this season (which evicted Houseguests like Ameerah Jones are facing backlash for outside the house). 

It’s a shame that Big Brother wasn’t able to find time for Michael’s HOH letter in the Sunday episode, though understandable in some respects. Nicole Layog’s eviction resulted in a bit of a verbal altercation between Monte Taylor and Daniel Durston, which might’ve taken precedence given Daniel is the target this week. This is only speculation, though, and we can’t presume to know why Michael’s letter was the first one left out of Season 24’s episodes. 

After watching the live feeds and tracking competition results, I think Michael Bruner might want to chill out with all the winning in the coming weeks. He’s one win away from tying the single-season record for most veto competition wins, and now he also has a Head of Household win as well. He’d going to be a massive target for the Houseguests to consider evicting in the coming weeks, and given his competition success, he is a likely candidate for a backdoor nomination. For now, though, it seems like he has a safety net with The Leftovers still running the game, so he’s safe for now. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m ET. Another eviction is on the horizon, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates on how things might change in the coming days. 

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