Big Brother Season 24: An Updated Guide For Each Week's Eviction, HoH, Veto Winner And More (With Spoilers)

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds and will be updated with information that may not have been revealed in the episodes yet. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother Season 24 is on, which means almost three months of Head of Household winners, nominated Houseguests, Veto winners, and maybe even an unexpected surprise or two. It’s a lot to juggle over the course of a season, and even the most avid fans of the game are bound to miss a moment or two without checking live feed spoilers every so often for updates. 

For those who lack the time to avidly follow the live feeds with their Paramount+ subscription, or for anyone just needing a reference throughout the season, consider this the definitive week-to-week guide for all things related to Big Brother Season 24. Starting with the most recent week, this will be a log of all major happenings in the house, with links to more detailed breakdowns of alliances, confrontations, or other moments folks might’ve missed even before they officially air so beware of spoilers. In the end, only one will join the long list of winners, so let’s dive in and look at where things are at now. 

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Finale Week (September 25th)

  • Final HOH Part 1 Winner: Turner
  • Final HOH Part 2 Winner: Monte
  • Final HOH Part 3 Winner: Monte
  • Houseguest Evicted: Turner
  • Big Brother 24 Winner: Taylor

Finale week finally arrived for Big Brother 24, and after some analysis from the jury, fans finally got to see Monte Taylor and Matt Turner duke it out for the Final Head of Household competition. Monte ended up toppling Turner in the competition and betrayed his Final Two to take Taylor to the end. 

And then, in what will surely go down in Big Brother history as an all-time moment, Taylor took control of the game. After giving a passionate finale plea to the jury, Taylor ended up taking the season in an 8-1 vote. She became the first Black woman to win the main game, as well as the first Big Brother winner to also win America's Favorite Player. What a season, what a ride!

Taylor Hale in foil hat on Big Brother

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Week 11 (September 15th) Taylor Is The HOH

  • Nominated: Brittany, Turner
  • Played For Veto: Alyssa, Brittany, Monte, Turner, Taylor
  • Won the Veto: Monte
  • Veto Used on: N/A
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Brittany, Turner
  • Evicted: TBD

Taylor Hale punched her ticket for a guaranteed spot on finale night by winning the latest Head of Household. She was joined by Monte Taylor, who captured the veto and will have the sole vote and decide who stays between Brittany Hoopes and Matt Turner. As of writing, it seems more or less assured Turner will stay in the game, and that Brittany is the one heading home. 

Monte Taylor in Big Brother

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Week 10 (September 8th) Monte Is The HOH

  • Nominated: Alyssa, Brittany
  • Played For Veto: Alyssa, Brittany, Monte, Turner, Taylor
  • Won the Veto: Brittany
  • Veto Used on: Brittany
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Taylor, Alyssa
  • Evicted: Alyssa

Monte Taylor secured his second Head of Household of Big Brother, and will have a tough decision this week. His win prevents him from participating in the Final Four HOH, and there's a good chance he'll see the block the following week regardless of who wins based on the number of remaining Houseguests. Monte ultimately nominated Alyssa Snider and Brittany Hoopes, with the intention of sending Brittany to the jury house. 

Well, Brittany spoiled any chance of that happening with an absolutely clutch veto win, which force Monte into another direction. Monte decided to shore up a Final Three alliance with Taylor Hale and Matt Turner, and Alyssa was sent home this week. 

Matt Turner on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 10 (September 8th) Turner Is The HOH

  • Nominated: Brittany, Alyssa
  • Played For Veto: Michael, Turner, Alyssa, Brittany, Monte, Taylor
  • Won the Veto: Monte
  • Veto Used on: Alyssa
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Brittany, Michael
  • Evicted: Michael

Week 10 kicked off with a double eviction, and a pretty big one in terms of Big Brother Season 24. Matt Turner secured his third Head of Household win, and while he originally intended to target Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor had other plans. Once Monte secured the veto, he pulled Turner and informed him that now was the time to take a shot at Michael Bruner. Turner begrudgingly agreed, seemingly worried the votes wouldn't be there. 

Not only were the votes there, but Michael was a unanimous exit. It wasn't too surprising given he was the runaway favorite to win at this stage, provided the Houseguests didn't have a chance to take him out beforehand. Michael's undoing was ultimately losing one veto, which is kind of ironic considering he broke the single season veto record. His exit opened the game right up, and it feels like it's anyone's game to win from here on out. 

Michael Bruner on Big Brother

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Week 9 (September 1st) Michael Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Terrance, Alyssa
  • Played For Veto: Michael, Terrance, Alyssa, Brittany, Monte, Taylor
  • Won the Veto: Michael
  • Veto Used on: TBD
  • Post-Veto Nominees: TBD
  • Evicted: TBD

Just when it seemed like he couldn't win anymore, Michael Bruner secured his third Head of Household of the season. His wild winning streak continues, and at this point, it seems like he'll have to win out to survive to the end. That didn't stop Michael from securing the veto this week as well, which means he had full control over whether Terrance Higgins and Alyssa Snider remained on the block. 

Michael chose to keep nominations the same, and Terrance left without much fuss. Other notable events included Michael and others pitching to evict Brittany, and what might be seen as the beginning as their split as an iconic duo.  

Matt Turner on Big Brother CBS

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Week 8 (August 25th) Turner Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Brittany, Taylor
  • Played For Veto: Taylor, Brittany, Turner, Alyssa, Michael, Monte
  • Won the Veto: Michael
  • Veto Used on: Brittany
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Kyle, Taylor
  • Evicted: Kyle

The After Party had some grand plans when Matt Turner won his second Head of Household, and that plan was to backdoor Michael Bruner. Turner initially nominated Taylor Hale and Brittany Hoopes in order to backdoor Michael, but his single-season record-tying veto win prevented that from happening. 

With Michael off the table, The After Party figured a renomination of Monte Taylor would ensure at least one of the former Leftovers went home, but Michael and Brittany had other plans. They exposed Kyle's pitch from a couple of weeks prior of what was essentially an "all-white" alliance, which swayed Turner to throw his former ally up on the block. It seems like he's set to leave on Thursday, though Houseguests like Terrance are attempting to keep him in the game. 

In the end, Kyle accepted his fate, and used his remaining time in the house to connect with other Houseguests and attempt to account for his actions. He'll head to jury, which will probably be something Joseph will like to see considering Kyle was mainly responsible for him leaving the week prior. 

Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 7 (August 18th) Michael And Terrance Are The Heads Of Household

  • Brochella Nominated: Jasmine, Monte
  • Brochella Played For Veto: Jasmine, Monte, Michael, Brittany, Taylor
  • Brochella Won the Veto: Brittany
  • Brochella Veto Used on: No one
  • Brochella Post-Veto Nominees: Jasmine, Monte
  • Brochella Evicted: Jasmine
  • Dyre Fest Nominated: Turner, Joseph
  • Dyre Fest Played For Veto: Turner, Joseph, Alyssa, Terrance, Kyle
  • Dyre Fest Won the Veto: Terrance
  • Dyre Fest Veto Used on: Turner
  • Dyre Fest Post-Veto Nominees: Kyle, Joseph
  • Dyre Fest Evicted: Joseph

Big Brother Season 24 split the house, and will have two games running separately this week. Michael Bruner served as HOH of Brochella inside the house, while Terrance Higgins roughed it outside the house with other Houseguests for Dyre Fest. 

Michael's HOH week went relatively easy as The Leftovers all collectively decided to target and evict Jasmine Davis. Once Brittany Hoopes secured the week's veto, Jasmine's fate was sealed and she left without much fuss. 

Dyre Fest was where the real action this week was as Kyle Capener decided to go rogue to save his showmance Alyssa Snider. Kyle revealed The Leftovers to Terrance, who responded by nominating Turner and Joseph in return. Terrance secured the veto and ultimately replaced Turner with Kyle, but in the end, Joseph wasn't able to secure the votes to stay. Before re-entering the house Terrance, Kyle, Turner, and Alyssa formed a new alliance called "The Afterparty," and intended to take out more Leftovers targets in the following week. 

Taylor Hale on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 6 (August 11th) Taylor Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Indy, Terrance
  • Played For Veto: Taylor, Indy, Terrance, Kyle, Alyssa, Jasmine
  • Won the Veto: Kyle
  • Veto Used on: No One
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Indy, Terrance
  • Evicted: Indy

Taylor Hale spent weeks on the block in the early game of Big Brother, and now it's finally time for her to take control of the game. She's the HOH in Week 6, and every Houseguest is guaranteed a slot in jury from this point forward. Taylor nominated Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins but is having some trouble deciding who should go home. 

Taylor found clarity when she overheard Alyssa Snider said some disparaging things about her following the HOH win and wanted her gone, but with Kyle Capener in control of the veto, the veto wasn't used. In the end, Taylor had to break her promise to Indy and send her home. The decision caused some tension within The Leftovers and there's a sense they could break up here soon. 

Michael Bruner on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 5 (August 4th) Michael Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Terrance, Monte, Joseph
  • Played For Veto: Terrance, Monte, Joseph, Brittany, Michael, Jasmine, Turner
  • Won the Veto: Michael
  • Veto Used on: Terrance, Monte, Joseph
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Kyle, Daniel
  • Evicted: Daniel

Michael Bruner can't stop winning competitions and finally captured his first Head of Household win of the game. That, paired with his three previous veto wins, should be more than enough to show he's a winner if he makes it to the end, though it's a little too early to think about the endgame. Michael nominated Terrance Higgins, Joseph Abdin, and Monte Taylor for eviction, but it seems like his ultimate goal is to target and evict Daniel Durston. 

Michael assured he'll be able to do what he wants this week with his fourth veto win, which raises concerns about how he'll keep a target off his back in the coming weeks. Ultimately, Michael wanted control to make a decision, and did exactly that by putting Daniel up on the block. 

Daniel didn't really stand a chance after his nomination, and after a rousing speech on eviction night, exited the house as the last member ahead of the jury period. 

Monte Taylor in Big Brother on CBS

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Week 4 (July 28) Monte Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Alyssa and Indy
  • Played For Veto: Monte, Joseph, Terrance, Alyssa, Indy, Daniel, Kyle
  • Won the Veto: Daniel and Kyle
  • Veto Used on: Alyssa and Indy
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Taylor and Nicole 
  • Evicted: Nicole

The newly formed Leftovers alliance really needed another win to really gain some momentum in the game, and a win by Monte Taylor gave them exactly that. It felt likely Monte would target another person outside of the alliance, and he did by targeting Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos. 

With that said, Alyssa and Indy aren't his true targets at this stage. Monte fully intended for the veto to be used so that he could nominate Taylor Hale and Nicole Layog, but then changed course to keep nominations the same. His plans, ironically enough, were derailed by Daniel who believed Monte was working with Taylor, and no longer felt she'd survive eviction on the block against Nicole. Daniel used the veto, and Nicole went on the block with misplaced confidence she shouldn't have had. 

In the end, Nicole was evicted and only got a vote from Daniel. She left the house without much incident, as Daniel stayed behind and told Houseguests they couldn't "split the check" and needed to play their own games.

Matt Turner on Big Brother CBS

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Week 3 (July 21) Turner Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Michael and Brittany
  • Played For Veto: Turner, Jasmine, Brittany, Michael, Nicole and Taylor
  • Won the Veto: Michael and Brittany
  • Veto Used on: Michael and Brittany
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Ameerah and Terrance
  • Evicted: Ameerah

Matt Turner is the Head of Household in Week 3, and it's looking like it's going to be a revenge week for the Houseguest. Turner lost his closest ally Pooch, and what's worse, he only learned of the plan in the final hours leading up to eviction. No doubt he's going to want to target whoever is responsible, though the BB Fest Besties twist could throw a wrench in his plans. Turner ultimately decided to put Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner on the block, though had a plan to backdoor Taylor Hale with the veto. 

That plan changed after Turner talked to Monte Taylor, Kyle Capener, and Joseph Abdin, who then united with Taylor, Brittany, and Michael to form "The Leftovers." The outcasts of the house suddenly had a majority alliance, and they shocked the other Houseguests when Turner put Ameerah and Terrance up on the block. The result was nothing short of chaos with fingers being pointed in every which direction, but at this time, no one seems to think Ameerah is the true target.  

The same was largely true on eviction night, as the jaws dropped when her name was called by Julie. The blindside went off without a hitch, but I'd expect Nicole, Jasmine, and Daniel to do whatever they can to figure out how they thought they were controlling the game only to suddenly learn they aren't. 

Jasmine Davis on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 2 (July 14th) Jasmine Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Taylor and Pooch
  • Played For Veto: Jasmine, Pooch, Taylor, Ameerah, Michael, Terrance
  • Won the Veto: Michael
  • Veto Used on: No One 
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Taylor, Pooch
  • Evicted: Pooch

Week 2 of Big Brother essentially signaled a reset of the game after Paloma Aguilar left for "personal reasons." Her exit gives Taylor Hale a fresh opportunity in the game, though incoming Head of Household Jasmine Davis also had issues with Taylor. Sure enough, Taylor found herself back on the block but so did Joseph "Pooch" Pucciarelli. Pooch decided to volunteer himself to be a pawn in order to curry favor with Jasmine and others in the house. 

Michael Bruner didn't use his second veto win to remove either nominee from the block, which left Taylor and Pooch up for eviction. Pooch felt relatively sure of his position in the house and didn't campaign much. Meanwhile, almost everyone else knew it was a golden opportunity to cut a major player, especially up against Taylor. In their mind, Taylor can go at any time, so Pooch was cut this week. 

Daniel Durston on Big Brother on CBS

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Week 1 (July 6) Daniel Is The Head Of Household

  • Nominated: Michael and Terrance
  • Backstage Boss: Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli
  • Backstage Pass holders: Brittany, Alyssa, and Paloma
  • Played For Veto: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah, Turner 
  • Won the Veto: Michael
  • Veto Used on: Michael 
  • Post-Veto Nominees: Taylor and Terrance
  • Evicted: N/A (Paloma exits game for personal reasons)

Week 1 of Big Brother Season 24 got off to a weird start, thanks in part to the role of the Backstage Boss and Backstage Pass recipients. With four people unable to be nominated this week and the game just starting, there wasn’t a big rush for Houseguests to try and talk strategy with the first Head of Household, Daniel Larson. Daniel did make some fast friends with Ameerah Jones and Nicole Layog, and it seems like he’ll lean on them in the coming week for ideas on who he should put on the block.  Daniel ultimately decided to put up Michael Bruner and Terrance Higgins, though Michael's veto win forced Daniel to name Taylor Hale as his new nominee. 

Elsewhere in the house, there’s an all-female alliance brewing, though it looks to be only as strong as its members. The upcoming eviction will determine just how effective this group is and if it’ll break the past trends of the partnership falling apart. There’s also a Men’s alliance currently happening between Terrance Higgins, Joseph Abdin, and Monte Taylor, but who knows how serious it is at this time. 

Week 1 also had its fair share of controversy as fans and former Houseguests took issue with the house's microaggressions against Taylor. Former members of The Cookout spoke out on the issue, and fans requested production step in and address her mistreatment. Some viewers are also up in arms over Paloma Aguilar's alleged cheating by attempting to bribe Houseguests and want her punished. 

It all culminated in a memorable eviction night, in which an eviction didn't actually happen. Julie announced that Paloma left the game for "personal reasons," and her absence effectively killed the ability to do the Backstage Pass twist. As such, the only logical thing to do was reset, and allow everyone but Daniel to compete for the HOH in Week 2 (and gave Taylor a much-needed second chance). Additionally, a new twist is coming, but Houseguests and fans were left in the dark on what it is. 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET and live evictions on Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Fans can also check out episodes on Paramount+ and get access to the live feeds to see everything that goes down. 

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