Boy Meets World's Ben Savage Reflects On Cory Matthews' Classic Speech Scene As Actor Begins Run For Congress

Cory teaching class in Girl Meets World
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After it was previously rumored that Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World vet Ben Savage was eyeing a Congressional run, the California native kicked off his official campaign in earnest this week, with his sights set on representing his state in Washington D.C. TGIF fanatics (or anyone who's streamed the sitcom via a Disney+ subscription) will likely be able to recall the episode in which a young and Muppet-y Cory Matthews shared an impassioned political speech ahead of a class president election. And the actor reflected on that classic, and admittedly inspirational, moment while saying it exemplifies his lifelong passion for political leadership. 

Three days after cutting the ribbon for his big campaign trail, Ben Savage spoke to the nation at large in an appearance on Thursday’s GMA3: What You Need to Know. The anchors kicked the spot off by playing the clip, to which Savage first shared his more personal opinion on what Cory Matthews was bringing to the table.

I think I'd be wearing a better shirt. That was a little oversized. . . . It was the '90s. That was a big trend.

All jokes about '90s fashion aside — well, maybe not all of them, since that would be a mountain — Ben Savage followed up on Cory's look by laying out his general reasoning for attempting to win the set being vacated by Adam Schiff. In his words:

I think again, that goes back to the theme that I've always been passionate about politics, and have always been about doing good. And I think we could use more people in Washington D.C. that are passionate, that are energetic, and they're eager to do the right thing. And are not about special interests, but are about serving the American people.

While Ben Savage is running as a Democrat for the California spot, his approach to this campaign mirrors his prior public comments about aiming to sidestep party lines in order to reach agreements for the greater good of the country. Which is certainly a different tactic than many politicians of late have tethered themselves to, but it does make sense. Actors obviously want their projects to be enjoyed and appreciated by the public at large, often regardless of political leanings, and '90s family sitcoms exude that kind of blanketed appeal. So leave it to Cory Matthews to be the force that brings us all together in harmony.

Check out the GMA3 clip below for a blast from John Marshall High's past with Cory's speech from the Season 2 episode "I Am Not a Crook."

Ben Savage aims to unite the American people together, and was able to celebrate some union-building of his own last month when he revealed in no certain terms that he and girlfriend Tessa Angermeier were engaged. Running for office while gearing up for a wedding doesn't make for the easiest life, I'd imagine, but it certainly takes passion. 

Speaking of passion, the Boy Meets World fandom has been able to revisit the sitcom with new perspective in the last year or so, thanks to the rewatch-and-interview podcast Pod Meets World, as hosted by former co-stars Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle and Rider Strong. (Fishel previously talked about why Savage isn't part of the fun.) The podcast digs into way more serious topics than fans likely had any idea existed at the time the show aired, from early co-star Blake Sennett suffering an overdose that caused him to quit acting to Harley Keiner portrayer Danny McNulty candidly talking about having a meltdown during a table read prompted by then-undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Not that it's all dark and harrowing, with Ethan Supplee crediting BMW with giving him a way to feel accepted.

Should Ben Savage win out in his district, hopefully fans will get to hear him chatting up his former co-stars about that Season 2 episode in full. 

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