Close Friend Of Jason David Frank Shares Insight Into Power Rangers' Star's Mental Health Struggles

The death of Jason David Frank, the veteran star of the Power Rangers franchise, is still being processed by his fans, colleagues and loved ones alike. Frank died by suicide at the age of 49 a little over a week ago, and many have since been paying tribute to him. In the midst of that, newly surfaced details have provided alleged insight into Frank’s personal life, including his domestic and legal issues. Now, one of the late actor’s close friends is speaking out about the mental health struggles that he’d apparently dealt with before his passing.

Aside from being the face of the Power Rangers universe, Jason David Frank was also an accomplished MMA fighter and made a number of friends throughout his career. One of those was Mike Bronzoulis, who’s seen his fair share of success in the ring as well. Bronzoulis, who reportedly became friends with Frank in 2010, told TMZ that the star battled depression for years but opted to keep his struggles private. The Fight Master: Bellator MMA alum also went on to say that Frank had been hit hard by a few major deaths in his inner circle. The PR alum is said to have lost his mother to cancer a few years ago and that some of his other family members had committed suicide.

Mike Bronzoulis revealed that he last spoke with his deceased friend only a week before his passing and that he’d also received a voicemail from him around that time. In the message, the Bloodshot star said that he was going through personal issues and needed to talk. Sadly, Brozoulis noted that he didn’t become aware of the message until after the actor’s passing. 

It was previously reported that shortly before he died, the Tommy Oliver icon had checked into a hotel with his wife, Tammie, who had filed for divorce in August. The two reportedly got into an argument, which allegedly had to be broken up by hotel staff members. After engaging in another heated conversation with his estranged wife later on, the star locked himself in his room. Authorities eventually arrived on the scene after Tammie called them out of concern for her husband and, after they were allowed in the hotel, they found that the star had hanged himself in his bathroom. 

For years, Jason David Frank participated in numerous conventions, where he would connect with his various admirers. Mike Bronzoulis mentioned to TMZ that Frank typically had packed schedules and through it all, felt relatively lonely. However, Bronzoulis stated that his friend aimed to find solace through his interactions with his fans, during which he’d throw some words of encouragement their way. Frank was known to drop a motivational video on social media on occasion.

It’s arguably for that reason and more that so many fans have felt compelled to memorialize him in the wake of his death. Power Rangers alums like Amy Johnson have done the same, and the messages they’ve sent have been truly touching. The Mighty Morphin icon will also be honored by the martial arts academy that he ran. It’s honestly still hard to fathom the fact that he’s no longer with us, and it’s sad hearing about what he struggled with. His legacy will certainly never be forgotten though, especially if friends like Mike Bronzoulis continue to reflect on the positive impact that he had.

CinemaBlend continues to extend its thoughts to Jason David Frank’s family and loved ones at this time. And to those who are dealing with suicidal thoughts, please know that you are not alone. One can find resources by visiting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and you can call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 800-273-8255.

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