Jason David Frank’s Legal And Domestic Issues Come To Light Following His Death

Members of the Power Rangers franchise and many more continue to mourn the loss of Jason David Frank, after his death was reported last weekend. The 49-year-old actor reportedly died by suicide, though no further specifics were provided at the time that the news broke. His rep had only confirmed that he’d died in Texas and that his family was asking for privacy. Alleged details regarding the events leading up to Frank’s passing have now come to light, though. And they ultimately illuminate the legal and domestic problems that the beloved actor had been engulfed in.

Jason David Frank And His Wife Were In The Midst Of A Divorce Before He Died

Jason David Frank was with his estranged second wife, Tammie Frank, in Texas shortly before he passed away, according to TMZ. The two, who tied the knot in 2003, were both at a hotel at the time. Tammie filed for divorce this past August, citing several reasons for wanting to split from her husband. She accused her him of having an affair and claimed that their union was struggling due to other factors. Via court documents, Tammie claimed that they’d come into conflict on a number of occasions and that he had treated her cruelly. The two had reportedly been separated since July.

Tammie Frank reportedly served her husband legal papers while he was attending a Comic Con event. TMZ states that she was looking to receive a number of assets in the divorce, including the Texas home the couple owned. While Frank didn’t explicitly discuss the case in a public forum, she did seem to hint to it in an Instagram post she shared back in August. It, she included the hashtags #new and #newbeginnings along with a religious passage.

How Jason David Frank Interacted With Tammie Frank Shortly Before His Death

Sometime after the Franks checked into the Texas hotel (and booked separate rooms), they reportedly got into an argument in Tammie’s room. TMZ was told by law enforcement officials that the dispute had to be broken up by some of the hotel’s staff members. Though things settled down, by either late Friday or early Saturday, the couple got into another heated discussion. This clash purportedly led the Bloodshot alum to lock his spouse out of his room. 

Tammie Frank later became concerned for the actor’s well being and, with that, she called the cops, who arrived early Saturday morning. The hotel staff let them in after they failed to make contact with Jason David. Sadly, the authorities entered the room to find that the star had hanged himself in his bathroom. 

The Power Rangers Actor Was Also Being Sued By An Alleged Extended Family Member

Aside from their divorce, the star and his wife were also in the middle of a legal situation involving the father of his late stepdaughter's child. According to RadarOnline, Jason Meekins -- who allegedly had a child with Tammie Frank's late daughter, Shayla Bergeron -- filed a petition against them. Meekins, who also says he was married to Bergeron when she died in October 2021, claimed that the Franks "refused to return" the child "after numerous requests." Meekins also claimed that he was not allowed to contact Drayden. The case was still active when Jason David Frank died, and it's currently unclear as to how things will progress.

After the Power Ranger legend's death, he was memorialized by Amy Jo Johnson (who played OG pink ranger Kimberly) and other franchise veterans. His death hit the fandom quite hard, especially since he’d been a fixture at conventions for years. It’s honestly sad to hear about what he was going through during the latter part of his life. One can only hope that his family is able to find peace in the wake of their loss. 

We here at CinemaBlend continue to extend our thoughts to the family and loved ones of Jason David Frank at this time. Also, if you or someone you know is considering suicide, there are resources that can provide support. You can visit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or call the National Suicide Prevention Helpline at 800-273-8255.

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