Colin Farrell Showed Up On SNL To Support Brendan Gleeson And Wear An Absurd Mustache

Colin Farrell speaks to a photographer during an SNL sketch.
(Image credit: NBC/ Saturday Night Live)

You never quite know who might show up on Saturday Night Live. Sometimes the host decides to go it alone, and sometimes they bring some famous buddies to offer support in a few sketches and ramp up the star power. Last night’s host Brendan Gleeson decided to take the latter approach and enlisted friend and fellow Irishman Colin Farrell to put in an appearance. The popular actor made a surprise entrance during Gleeson’s monologue and later appeared in another sketch to get his headshot taken.

Of course the crowd was very excited to see Colin Farrell when he walked on stage. He got a nice round of applause, but beyond him just being there, it was also really fun to watch him interact with Brendan Gleeson. The co-stars have terrific chemistry together, and you can tell how much they appreciate each other by the looks they give, which came up a lot more prominently in the second sketch they were in together. Also, Colin Farrell had a mustache when he first came out, and I can’t not comment on this absurdity Eat your heart out, Tom Selleck.

Colin Farrell rocking a ridiculous mustache alongside Brendan Gleeson on SNL.

(Image credit: NBC/ Saturday Night Live)

If you’re going to show up on Saturday Night Live, you need to have fun with it. The fast-paced live show always features a ton of costume changes, wigs and other props to change people’s appearances. If you have the chance to lean-in and wear something ridiculous, you have to take it. Even if it’s just for twenty seconds or so like the above. 

In Gleeson’s case, the monologue also offered him the opportunity to show off his musical gifts. The celebrated actor had a mandolin brought out during his opening speech, and he played and sang a little bit while addressing the crowd. You can check it out, as well as the first appearance by Farrell below…

That wasn’t the only time Colin Farrell showed up though. He also had a more traditional sketch comedy performance in a bit about headshots. In what was one of the weirder sketches of the night, Brendan Gleeson played the grandfather of someone getting headshots. He interrupted the session to drop off a fedora, and the photographer, played by Andrew Dismukes, was immediately mesmerized.

The grandson was quickly shunted aside so the photographer could take pictures of Gleeson, who acted out a variety of poses until he was joined by Colin Farrell, who played himself. The two proceeded to take a bunch of pictures together, and it’s obvious how much fun they’re having just hanging out. Their chemistry was, once again, really obvious, and it was a delight to watch. You can see the sketch in its entirety below…

Saturday Night Live is now two episodes into Season 48. Miles Teller kicked the season off last week, and next Saturday, Megan Thee Stallion will continue the early run of exciting SNL hosts when she performs double duty and does the musical performance, as well. Expect to see the exciting new cast continue to come into its own and find its collective voice in the absence of all the cast members who left over the summer

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