Elizabeth Olsen Cameoed On Benedict Cumberbatch’s SNL Episode, And Of Course The Multiverse Came Up

Elizabeth Olsen and Chloe Fineman standing next to each other and sounding alike on SNL.
(Image credit: NBC/ SNL)

One of the most exciting things about Saturday Night Live is you never quite know who else might show up. There’s always a sense that anyone in the host’s personal or professional orbit could potentially make an appearance. It doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you get no one, and sometimes, when you’re least expecting it, you get Elizabeth Olsen

The Marvel favorite and co-star of Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness popped up in a sketch called “The Understudy” during last night’s Saturday Night Live episode, and of course it turned into a joke about the Multiverse. The basic premise of the bit was that Chloe Fineman operates as the understudy for all the other Not Ready For Primetime Players in case they get sick. It was really a flimsy excuse for her to bust out impressions of the other cast members, but it also afforded her a chance to get her Elizabeth Olsen on. You can check out the funny sketch below…

First of all, I have to give it up to Chloe Fineman because some of those impressions are top notch. I particularly love the Aidy Bryant one, but there’s some really strong work here also on the bits with Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to see her do Kenan Thompson, that would have been terrific, even if it was horrible. It should have just been him working with her on reaction faces.

Regardless, she eventually got to Elizabeth Olsen, which was a solid enough take. The voice work was excellent. You can hear how close she gets particularly in the “I am me too” exchange after the Marvel star shows up for her surprise cameo. The whole bit is fun, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Sometimes the best impressions are the ones where the cast member gets in and gets out without having to extend the joke.

Saturday Night Live returned last night after several weeks off with host Benedict Cumberbatch. He performed his job quite well in a variety of topical and sometimes weird sketches. SNL will return next week with Only Murders In The Building star Selena Gomez with musical guest Post Malone. Then the season will conclude on May 21st with season finale hosts and musical guests that are yet to be announced. 

I have no idea how to even begin speculating on who the sketch comedy show may pick for those roles (maybe they should consider Elizabeth Olsen?), but given it’s the finale, I would expect to see a bigger name or a returning cast member as the host. We’ll just have to wait and see. 

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