Devon Sawa Posted A ‘Bananas’ Sneak Peek At Chucky Season 2

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Even as horror movies go, the Child’s Play franchise is among the more outrageous. That brazen, nothing is too far attitude is one of the things fans love most about the franchise. There was some concern about whether that would extend to Chucky, the more recent television adaptation, but Season 1 was a hit with both fans and critics. Now it’s scheduled to return for Season 2, and if this clip is anything like what we’re going to get, we can expect a lot that won’t be safe for work.

The clip in question, which is heavy on the edited f-bombs, was tweeted out by horror favorite Devon Sawa who appeared in Season 1 playing twin brothers. He’s back for another round this time, and he called the scene in question “bananas” when he tweeted about it on Twitter. I’d have to agree. You can check the madness out for yourself below…

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There’s a certain Child’s Play blending of morbid danger and humor that has always felt very original. I think one reason why so many fans of the movie franchise connected with the new series is because of how much it gets that. That probably shouldn’t come as a surprise given it was created by Don Mancini who wrote all the Child’s Play movies and directed the later ones. He was heavily involved in writing the first season of Chucky and also working with partners USA and SYFY to make sure enough foul language was allowed. Chucky voice actor Brad Dourif also returned for the series.

The goal of any television adaptation of a beloved property should always be finding the balance between honoring what’s best about the original and creating something entirely new. There’s no single guidebook to how to do that. It really depends on the specific project. Well, the first season of Chucky was able to hit that balance nicely, with lots of fun references for those really into Child’s Play but also enough of something new to entice those who may have been a bit young to have seen the original film when it dropped all the way back in 1988, though we've seen regular installments since. It also probably helps that fans are used to some changes in direction between the movies.

Season 2 of Chucky is set to return on October 5th. It’ll once again be shown via simulcast in the United States on both SYFY and USA Network.

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