Devon Sawa Reacts To A New Final Destination Coming Together

Devon Sawa in Final Destination
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Through its cinematic franchise run, the Final Destination series has taught fans one immutable truth: you can’t cheat Death. Five movies, and several ensembles of young victims later, this staple of horror culture is about to find new life through an HBO Max reboot, masterminded by Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts. Excitement is in the air, and one of the most positive reactions to the news of a new entry coming together comes from none other than original franchise star Devon Sawa.

Playing Alex Browning, the original teen who saw Death’s plan and tried to do something about it, Sawa’s appearance in the series’ initial entry is one of his most memorable roles. It’s something that the actor has spoken about on and off in the two decades since, and this latest Twitter message has an enthusiasm that’s hard to deny. Here’s what the actor said about how he’s approaching this deadly new twist: 

I’ve seen every one of the movie’s sequels opening weekend. This one will be the same. Can’t wait.

In a project that’s different from the previously developed Final Destination reboot that came from writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, this new film is an HBO Max exclusive that’s focusing on a “new story,” according to Jon Watts. Whether that means we’re looking at a total restart, a continuation of the five previous films, or a legacy-quel approach is yet to be revealed. Though Devon Sawa is certainly up for jumping back into the saddle in some capacity, as he’s previously stated that thanks to the David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy, he’s changed his mind on revisiting Alex Browning’s story

Recently, horror fans have been lucky to see Sawa in action in not only one, but two roles in Syfy’s Chucky series. As Final Destination’s latest catastrophic chain of events is looking to head directly to streaming, the experience could feel like home for him. Plus, if his idea of picking the story up from where the original film left off is in play, there’s an opportunity to bring back Ali Larter’s fellow survivor, Clear Rivers. Another actor who’s been playing in the world of streaming horror, thanks to Shudder’s Creepshow anthology, a reunion between the pair would almost certainly be an announcement that would send fans screaming with delight.

Should Final Destination be clearing the board entirely, and starting things over from square one, that won’t change Devon Sawa’s excitement. Just as he’s returned for each sequel’s grand debut, you can count on him preparing for a sixth dance with Death when the time comes. Maybe they should cast Mr. Sawa in the new movie, as with that sort of dedication, he could play the Grim Reaper itself!

As usual, the details behind this new destination of finality are being kept under lock and key. So for now, who knows what’s involved in Death’s plan this time out? For now, you’ll just have to check out the 2022 release schedule, and see what we do know is headed to a theater near you.

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