Dog The Bounty Hunter Speaks Out After The Search For Brian Laundrie Ends

Dog the Bounty Hunter interview
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The death of traveler and influencer Gabby Petito and the subsequent search for her fiancée Brian Laundrie, took the country by storm. A clear example of the story’s reach would be the fact that reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter joined in on the hunt for Laundrie at the end of September. In the weeks that followed, he provided updates on the progress he and his team had made. Laundrie’s skeletal remains were ultimately discovered in Florida this past week, effectively ending the manhunt. With this, Dog has spoken out on the major development. 

Duane “Dog” Chapman was on his honeymoon in Florida when he decided to join the search for the 23-year-old. Upon learning the young man’s remains had been found, Chapman expressed gratitude to the authorities. He also sent a message to Gabby Petitio’s family, who he’s come to know through the search: 

We are praying for Gabby’s family as yet another day ends with seemingly more questions than answers though it does seem the search for Brian is indeed over.

Brian Laundrie, who previously met with authorities regarding his fiancée’s whereabouts, was reported missing on September 17. He was ultimately deemed a person of interest and law enforcement issued an arrest warrant, charging him for making withdrawals on someone else’s debit card. At present, his parents have become the center of attention, with some insinuating that they may have known where their son was. They’ve since denied these claims. While talking to The Sun, Dog the Bounty Hunter addressed the lingering unknowns surrounding the case:

There will be time to ask questions such as what was the extent of the Laundries’ involvement in aiding Brian. But now we wait.

The family was critical of the bounty hunter and former bail bondsman's decision to join in the search for their son. In a statement, the family’s lawyer referred to the reality TV star as a “dusty relic” and accused him of using the situation as a TV ploy. An ex-FBI agent also chastised him, saying that his involvement could be harmful to the overall investigation. 

The polarizing media personality has stated that his decision to assist in the search was not motivated by the prospect of a new television deal. He cited his proximity to the investigation at the time and a desire to get closure for Gabby Petitio’s family as his reasoning for getting involved. Nevertheless, reports indicate that entertainment entities have been eyeing him since he began his search and are looking to sign him to a new production. Duane Chapman himself has also stated that he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to return to the small screen. 

Authorities will likely continue to assess the situation and seek to answer the remaining questions. As for Dog the Bounty Hunter, it remains to be seen as to whether his efforts will indeed earn him a new TV deal.

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