Donald Glover Fired (Now-Deleted) Shots At Dave Fans After Sharing First Look At Atlanta Season 3

It has been 3 1/2 years since Atlanta's bonkers Season 2 wrapped up, and fans have been not-always-patiently waiting for the beloved FX comedy to return. Now that Season 3 is just around the corner, star and creator Donald Glover unveiled a new trailer for the long-awaited new episodes.  For a while now, some Atlanta fans have been comparing the series to another genre-mashing FX comedy Dave, co-created by rapper Lil Dicky (real name Dave Burd). After noticing this discourse over time, the Atlanta star appeared rather displeased, and decided to vent his frustrations about the comparisons on social media.

The Atlanta star took to Twitter with a trio of now-deleted posts to let viewers know he has kept an eye on the continuous comparisons between the Emmy-winning Atlanta and Dave. While it's hard to 100% confirm the tone behind the posts, to say Donald Glover sounded disappointed would be an understatement. He seemed particularly hurt by Black Twitter's position on how the two shows stack up. After years of discourse, the multi-hyphenate entertainer decided to chime in. Check out the tweets below to see what Glover had to say:

Donald Glover Twitter screenshots

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Donald Glover is clearly eager for viewers to stop comparing the two shows. From Glover's perspective, Atlanta and Dave presumably have little in common outside of sharing the same parent network and having the rap music industry as a narrative focus. In the time that has passed since Glover's Earn and Bryan Tyree Henry's Paper Boi were gracing our screens on a weekly basis, two seasons of Dave were released to mostly praise, with Atlanta sometimes getting namechecked in reviews. So it's not totally audiences' fault for their memories skewing to the most recent release, since that's just how people react when something new drops on TV or the Internet. 

Despite being tired of the comparisons, Donald Glover dropped an intriguing and non-Dave-esque Season 3 teaser. You check out the Paper Boi-centric promo below:

As a creative, Donald Glover has poured a ton of his creative energy into crafting Atlanta Seasons 3 and 4, which filmed back to back. The arrival of the third season has been delayed for numerous reasons, including Glover’s busy schedule and the COVID-related Hollywood shutdown. So seeing the online comparisons seemed to hit a sore spot for him. He didn't disparage Dave outright, to be sure, but still wanted followers to know he sees and hears all on the Twitter streets. As the former Community star pointed out, he noticed and took notes. Maybe those comparisons even pushed Glover to create a bigger and better third season.

Of course, Twitter had to compare Atlanta to Dave. Besides sharing the same network, both comedies revolve around a young man trying to make it in the music scene. Atlanta is more about Donald Glover’s Earn and his cousin Paper Boi navigating the Atlanta rap scene and the subculture itself, often in surreal and unpredictable ways. Dave is focused on rapper Lil Dicky playing a fictionalized version of himself, where he basically self-sabotages every golden ticket opportunity that lands on his lap. But considering Glover’s series has a few years on FX's other acclaimed comedy, the actor wanted viewers to be very informed about who was there first.   

Hopefully, fans will enjoy Atlanta Season 3 once it premieres, with the knowledge that we can also look forward to Season 4 not taking another three years to arrive. Knowing how creative Donald Glover is, viewers are in for some remarkable stories and off-kilter lines. Season 3 of the FX comedy is set to premiere in early 2022.

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