FBI: International Delivered A Hidden Cameo, And The BTS Photos Are Adorable

Spoilers ahead for the fourth episode of FBI: International, called “American Optimism.”

The FBI: International action took the Fly Team to Spain for “American Optimism,” although Kellett stayed back in Budapest to continue healing from her gunshot wound. That meant that she missed Forrester and Co. investigating the case of an American citizen who tried to take refuge at the United States embassy from Spanish authorities who believed he murdered his boyfriend. She also missed the rest of the team ending the episode at a fancy gala, dressed to the nines, and featuring a hidden cameo from none other than star Luke Kleintank’s real-life wife. And the BTS photos are adorable! 

In case you missed the hidden cameo from Christina Vignaud, a.k.a. Luke Kleintank’s wife, take a look before getting into the behind-the-scenes:

fbi international christina vignaud luke kleintank's wife

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

Christina Vignaud appeared in the same scene as her husband, but her role was non-speaking, and they didn’t get to interact. In fact, the gala scene didn’t last all that long, but it was long enough to show off a room full of people dressed their best in black-tie formalwear. That meant Forrester and Raines were in tuxes, Vo was beautiful in a long blue gown, and Jaeger ready to hit the floor and dance in a long black dress. As for Christina Vignaud, she was in a gorgeous red dress. 

While her character as an ambassador’s wife didn’t seem giddy with joy to be at the gala, Christina Vignaud was all smiles behind the scenes with husband Luke Kleintank. 

fbi international luke kleintank scott forrester

(Image credit: CBS/Katalin Vermes)

Scott Forrester may save the heart eyes for Jamie Kellett, but Luke Kleintank looks like he was pretty excited to have his wife on set for the gala scene. They definitely both look fancy, and that may not be something that fans will get to see too often on FBI: International. The Fly Team is more likely to be involved in chases, interrogations, and maybe even shootouts than score invitations to galas, so this was a fun departure. 

luke kleintank and christina vignaud fbi international

(Image credit: CBS/Katalin Vermes)

Christina Vignaud’s cameo may not be one that many FBI: International fans would have caught unless they knew much about Luke Kleintank in real life, but the look behind the scenes is pretty darn cute. And honestly, after some of the grimmer elements of the case of “American Optimism,” some cuteness is welcome. Although seeing Jaeger happily hitting the dance floor with Raines was definitely worth a smile before the final credits rolled on the episode! 

“American Optimism” aired shortly after FBI: International got the very good news of CBS ordering a full first season of 22 episodes, beyond the initial order for 13. It’s not all that surprising that FBI: International (along with NCIS: Hawai’i) got the big order from CBS (opens in new tab); not only is International part of the successful FBI franchise that takes up the network’s full primetime lineup on Tuesdays, but it scores some impressive ratings on its own, so the future is bright. 

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