FBI: International's Fly Team Goes Formal In High-Stakes New Mission Photos, Following Good News From CBS

fbi international team formalwear mission in spain
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FBI: International is only a few episodes into its first season, but CBS already handed down some very good news. Now, the Fly Team is going for some formalwear for the next big mission, and the first-look images prove that they are just as ready for action in tuxedos and gowns as in their usual field clothes. Check out the FBI: International cast dressed to the nines for their mission in the next new episode! 

The next new episode of FBI: International is called “American Optimism,” and viewers have a lot to be optimistic about. Following excellent ratings for the earliest episodes, CBS has officially ordered a full season of FBI: International, expanding beyond the initial Season 1 order of 13 episodes. “American Optimism,” which airs on October 12, will see the Fly Team investigating an American citizen who is seeking sanctuary with the U.S. Embassy in Spain, despite the not-so-small issue of being covered in his Spanish boyfriend’s blood, following the man’s murder. 

The stakes are clearly very high when it comes to this case, and it will require most of the team to go for some formalwear in pursuit of justice this time around. And while the situation is undoubtedly going to be very serious, the agents are looking very snazzy for an outing to an embassy event in connection to the investigation. Just take a look!

fbi international team formalwear

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

Hello, fancy International Fly Team! Forrester (Luke Kleintank) and Raines (Carter Redwood) are looking snazzy in their tuxes, while Vo (Vinessa Vidotto) and Jaeger (Christiane Paul) are dressed to kill in their gowns. Despite the fancy dress and glasses of champagne, however, it’s clear that they’re keeping sharp and scanning the room for their investigation. Sadly, Kellett (Heida Reed)  won’t be donning a gown of her own, as she’ll still be recovering from her injury

That’s not to say that everything about the embassy outing will feature the Fly Team with stern game faces on, however. Raines and Jaeger will seemingly get to have a little fun that hasn’t come up in the course of any of their earlier investigations:

fbi international raines and jaeger dancing

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

Even if those smiles are performative for the sake of the case, Raines and Jaeger certainly look like they’re going to hit the dance floor for a little fun. After such a serious case with Kellett’s life in jeopardy last week, some smiles are definitely nice to see. And they both look more than ready to hit the floor, even if Vo is sticking back with her champagne. And apparently, Jaeger was born for the black-tie dance floor!

fbi international christiane paul jaeger

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

Anything that makes Jaeger look that happy while on a case is something that needs to happen at least once per season, if you ask me! Raines won’t be spending the whole outing on the dance floor with Jaeger, as the episode description reveals that he and Vo will continue growing their friendship, which took some steps forward after Kellett’s injury. And another image shows them together at the embassy affair: 

fbi international vo and raines formalwear

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

Vo and Jaeger won’t be the only ones wearing gorgeous dresses in “American Optimism,” either, and another image reveals somebody special will be on board in this episode: Christina Vignaud, a.k.a. star Luke Kleintank’s real-life wife. It’s safe to say that she probably won’t catch Forrester's eye in a good way on FBI: International, but she looks striking as an ambassador’s wife in a first-look at her appearance:

fbi international christina vignaud luke kleintank's wife

(Image credit: Katalin Vermes/CBS)

The whole episode won’t take place at the gala, and fans don’t need to worry that Kellett (or Tank) will be missing from the whole hour just because she can’t make it to the fancy affair in Spain. Find out how much Kellet will appear as well as how much of the rest of the Fly Team in their formalwear with “American Optimism,” airing on Tuesday, October 12 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. 

And thanks to CBS, fans can now count on a full season of FBI: International. The new show is going strong on Tuesday nights, right in between new episodes of FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, so viewers may be able to count on plenty of International moving forward. The Dick Wolf TV shows are certainly crushing in the ratings in the 2021-2022 TV season so far!

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