Grey's Anatomy: 4 Characters Who Could Take Meredith's Place As Narrator

Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Season 19
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There are long-running TV shows, and then there's Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama is currently in the midst of its whopping 19th season in ABC, which in many ways has been a return to form for the Shonda Rhimes-created classic. But that's going to change when the show returns in February. Because for the first time we'll be watching without the title character of Meredith Grey, played famously by actress Ellen Pompeo. And on top of moving on from its protagonist, Grey's has also lost its primary narrator. And there are 4 major Grey's Anatomy characters I can see taking on the mantle moving forward.

Hardcore Grey's Anatomy fans will know that a number of actors have been able to pop in and do the narration for the show, especially if their characters had particularly significant episodes. But the vast majority were done by Ellen Pompeo herself, often musing about the unique life of surgeons. While it's possible that the show will make it more of a shared experience, there are four cast members that seem like obvious choices to become the next narrator. Let's break it all down.

Bailey smiling in Grey's Season 19

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Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)

After Ellen Pompeo's departure from Grey's Anatomy, there are only two OG cast members still on the beloved medical drama. And (spoiler alert) they're both on this list. First up is Miranda Bailey, who seems like perhaps the most obvious choice to serve as the show's narrator. Bailey has always been at the heart of the show, balancing ambition and her personal life and breaking out hearts in the process.

And getting this more intimate look inside the POV of Bailey makes a ton of sense given her current storyline. We've seen her largely take a step away from medicine this season, and it might be interesting to hear her reflect on the profession as she once again gets involved in the leadership of Grey Sloan Memorial. And besides, who doesn't want to hear Chandra Wilson's velvety voice over each new episode?

Webber in Grey's Season 19

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Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)

Of course, Richard Webber aka The Chief (also seems like a great choice to possibly take over the iconic narration of Grey's Anatomy once it returns to our screens in February. James Pickens Jr.'s character has often served as a mentor and overseer of the hospital, who knows just what to say when things get rough for the less experienced surgeons. So being offered weekly lessons from Webber would no doubt delight the fans, especially those who have been there from the beginning. 

Richard also has intimate connections to various members of the Grey's Anatomy cast. He's obviously Maggie's biological father, but she's also got a close relationship with Amelia. Then there's Bailey, Schmitt, and the new group of interns that he's training. So he's bouncing between most of the show's major narratives.

Of course, Grey's Anatomy might also surprise the fans by giving one of the new interns the spotlight in the form of the narration. This would be an old school approach to the show, focusing on these newcomers as they train and become real surgeons. And two in particular feel like they could be real possibilities.

Alexis Floyd as Griffith in Grey's Season 19

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Simone Griffith (Alexis Boyd)

One new intern who has made a serious splash in Grey's Anatomy Season 19 is Dr. Simone Griffith, played by Inventing Anna actress Alexis Boyd. She's in the Shondaland family now, and is serving as the most significant character in the new class. In many ways she feels similar to a Meredith back in Season 1, struggling to make it as a surgeon while while dealing with personal drama and family illness. 

It's because of the way that Griffith mirrors Meredith that makes me feel she could very well become the next narrator of Grey's. After seeing all of the surgeons become the best in the world, it's refreshing to start back at the bottom with struggling interns. If the show decides to lean more into this concept, maybe we could get some Griffith narration.

Adams smiling in Grey's

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Lucas Adams (Niko Terho)

One of the biggest mysteries currently surrounding Grey's Anatomy Season 19 is exactly which of McDreamy's sisters is the mother of Lucas Adams (Niko Terho). This new character was introduced in the premiere episode of this season, and it's clear that he does have a relationship with the likes of Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie. But it's currently unclear who his mom is, and if any of the past guest stars (like Neve Campbell) will end up appearing later this season.

While there are a group of new interns who became series regulars this season of Grey's, Adams is another who has become a fairly significant character. On top of trying to hide his identity from his coworkers, he seems to have a flirtation with Griffith, so we'll have to wait and see if that grows as more episodes air. But given the focus on him throughout the fist set of episodes, he seems like another possible choice to narrate come February. 

As previously mentioned, it also seems more than possible that Grey's Anatomy just won't have one primary narrator when it returns from its current hiatus. Nobody can ever truly fill Ellen Pompeo's shoes, and the medical drama is ultimately an ensemble show. And as such, showrunner Krista Vernoff might decide to forgo this tradition. And since Grey's has let various characters take the mic throughout its many years on the screen, this pivot could probably done fairly seamlessly. 

Grey's Anatomy is currently expected to return to ABC on February 23rd. In the meantime, check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch. It remains to be seen how fans react to the show without its beloved title character. 

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