Grey’s Anatomy: How Lucas Hiding His True Identity Is Setting Up An Awkward Confrontation

Niko Terho on Grey's Anatomy.
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Spoiler alert! This story contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 19 episode “Wasn’t Expecting That.” Be sure you’re caught up before you keep reading!

Grey’s Anatomy threw viewers for a loop in the Season 19 premiere, when it revealed that one of the five new surgical residents, Lucas Adams, was actually the nephew of the late, great Derek Shepherd. This, of course, also makes him the nephew of Amelia Shepherd, and while this is apparently a well-known fact amongst the more senior surgeons at Grey Sloan, it’s a relationship that he has chosen not to disclose to his fellow rookie colleagues. In the October 13 episode, “Wasn’t Expecting That,” sitcom-worthy miscommunications ensued that are setting Lucas (and Amelia) up for a super awkward confrontation once the truth comes out. And it definitely will come out.

While Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) was pessimistic in the season premiere about Lucas (Niko Terho) having the strength to survive the program, her tone softened in Episode 2, as she expressed concern when she found out he was living out of the on-call room and even invited him to stay at Meredith’s house for a couple of days. Later she pulled him aside to show him an apartment she’d found that was close to their house, meaning that he could spend time with the kids, do laundry, and have a Meredith-cooked meal.

It just so happens that fellow first-year Blue (Harry Shum Jr.) witnessed them exiting the on-call room together and later saw them whispering about the apartment. He jumped to the obvious conclusion (at least, obvious for Grey’s Anatomy) that Lucas was sleeping with Amelia, and rather than confirm his theory with “Don’t call me Skywalker” directly, he boldly announced it to the rest of the unknowing interns at the end of the day. Lucas apparently wanted his familial relationship to remain a secret so badly that he did not dispute the claims.

This is baffling to me, and definitely not going to lead to anything good. I completely understand why Lucas wouldn’t want everyone to know his true identity. He didn’t make the strongest first impression, and his connection to Derek and Amelia — not to mention Chief of Surgery Meredith and Maggie, by extension — would make his hiring look like the very definition of nepotism. But is that actually better than allowing a rumor to circulate that you’re SLEEPING WITH YOUR AUNT?

I don’t know how the truth is going to come out, but rest assured, it will, and it is not going to be pretty. And when it does, not only is he going to have to face the nepotism accusations and whatever else he already had coming, but he will also be forced to try to explain why he thought letting people believe he was hooking up with Amelia was better. Lucas, you are making bad choices. McDreamy would not approve. 

How long will this ridiculous scenario play out before Lucas' connections to the hospital are inevitably revealed? We’ll have to tune in to find out. Grey’s Anatomy returns at 9 p.m. ET Thursday, October 20, on ABC. See what other premieres are coming up soon on our 2022 TV Schedule

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