Hallmark Star Andrew Walker Praises Network For Telling 'Real Stories,' Talks Three Wise Men And A Baby Reunion

Andrew Walker in Curious Caterer: Grilling Season.
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There was a lot of discussion about representation in holiday rom-coms this past year, with Hallmark debuting its first Christmas movie to feature LGBTQ+ leads. The Holiday Sitter star Jonathan Bennett was vocal about how Hallmark was supporting queer storylines, and now another of the network’s flagship actors is also shining a spotlight on the efforts to tell “real stories.” Andrew Walker, one of the stars of the hit Hallmark Christmas Movie Three Wise Men and a Baby, celebrated the “epic” stories that have been coming out of the network, and it sounds like we can also expect him to re-team with Tyler Hynes and Paul Campbell. 

Andrew Walker Opens Up About The ‘Beauty’ Of Working For Hallmark 

Andrew Walker has starred in more than 20 Hallmark movies since making his debut in 2012. When several of the network’s stars left to join Great American Family, Walker remained loyal, and judging from his comments to US Weekly, it’s easy to see he’s proud of what the network has accomplished in just the past year in terms of representation. Walker said: 

This is a women-run network now. Look at the year they had, it’s epic. And it’s because they’ve evolved. They’ve risen above, they’ve done everything that they should do in order to capture new audiences as well as satiate the cravings of the audience that they’ve had for years. There are some really interesting things that they’re taking on. … [They] did a movie about a little girl with Down Syndrome. We have same-sex marriage, we have biracial relationships. These are real stories.

Andrew Walker made it official with the network, signing a multi-picture deal with Hallmark’s parent company Crown Media Family Networks in 2022, and he told the trade he feels “honored” to be a part of what Hallmark is doing. In his words: 

That’s the beauty of working for this network. It’s incredible what they’ve done. I feel honored.

Following the success of Three Wise Men and a Baby, the Hallmark mainstay will next appear in Curious Caterer: Grilling Season, which premieres February 5 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. But speaking of his most recent holiday hit … 

Andrew Walker Will Likely Reunite With Three Wise Men And A Baby Co-Stars 

Three Wise Men and a Baby was a big hit among holiday rom-com viewers last Christmas, with Andrew Walker teaming up with fellow Hallmark heavyweights Paul Campbell and Tyler Hynes. The movie became the network’s most-watched movie of 2022, including both Christmas and non-holiday movies. The three actors even treated fans to a reprisal of their epic group dance at 2022 ChristmasCon. From the sounds of it, that won’t be the last time we see the trio share the screen, with Walker saying: 

It was an easy chemistry. We just felt like, we’re three completely different guys. We don’t step on each other’s toes. We [have such] different animalistic qualities of who we are. We’re just totally different from each other. So we found that out pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure we’ll probably do another movie together. … The people have spoken.

That is fantastic news, and while he said they will probably not play brothers again, he has no doubt the writers will find something equally pleasing to the fans. Up next for Andrew Walker, however, is Curious Caterer: Grilling Season, which you can catch at 7 p.m. ET Sunday, February 5, on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. See a full list of upcoming Hallmark movies, and keep an eye on the 2023 TV schedule to see what series premieres are coming soon. 

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