Hallmark’s Lacey Chabert Turned 40, And She Celebrated With Some Sweet Throwback Pics

Lacey Chabert in The Wedding Veil Sneak Peek.
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Lacey Chabert is known for many things, specifically Mean Girls and her long tenure as a Hallmark Channel staple. She's kept plenty busy over the years and still looks like she hasn't aged a day. And this weekend, the actress turned 40, and she marked the occasion by sharing some sweet throwback pics with her social media followers.

When one celebrates a birthday, it's only natural that they'd feel at least a little bit nostalgic, and Lacey Chabert embraced that feeling wholeheartedly. The veteran actress took to Instagram, where she shared some vintage photos. The sweet-looking images show Chabert during her formative years, and I can't think of a better way for the star to celebrate. Check out the pics and the sweet message Chabert shared in the post down below:

I think we can all agree that the Party of Five alum was a very cute kid. You also have to love her caption, in which she says that her younger self would be proud of all that she's accomplished. The star definitely doesn't shy away from posting about her life and journey, even the parts that are a bit tougher to handle emotionally.

This past year, Lacey Chabert’s sister died, and the star opened up about how she was dealing with the immense loss. Thankfully, she a great support system and had many friends reach out to her, including some Hallmark stars. But at present, it seems like Chabert is leaning on the positive and seems more than optimistic about what's to come.

This past year was also notable for Lacey Chabert because, as Hallmark stars left for GAF, the Mean Girls vet signed a new deal to stay on the network. And she's been hard at work on movies, which have filmed in varying locales. Chabert filmed in Hawaii for Groundswell, and her photos were enough to make one envious. Also, even before that film premiered, Chabert already got into the Christmas mood amid production on her next holiday flick.

In between work though, the actress posts a throwback photo, and the snapshot is usually family-centric. Earlier this year, a throwback of hers made it into a movie she did. For Hallmark’s The Wedding Veil, she was able to use a photo of her grandparents in her character’s living room, which added a layer of authenticity to the proceedings. 

Who knows, maybe we’ll get even more throwback photos in another movie Lacey Chabert does, especially seeing just how many she just happens to have at her disposal. And if not, I'll settle for seeing them in posts like this birthday one. 

Here's wishing the star a happy and healthy 40th year on this planet, and I'll be keeping an eye on what she has coming up on Hallmark Channel. The Christmas season is coming soon, so it won’t be long until faithful viewers see her in a brand-new movie.

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