Does Hallmark's Lacey Chabert Ever Get Tired Of Filming Christmas Movies? Here’s What She Says

Lacey Chabert in Family For Christmas

Within the last decade, the Hallmark Channel has become the destination for sweet romantic comedies and mystery films, and the network has amassed a slew of stars who frequently appear in said film. One of the stars to benefit from the Hallmark touch has been Mean GirlsLacey Chabert. Chabert has starred in over a dozen films for the channel, including some Christmas fare. Needless to say, she's done a lot, and the actress recently spoke on whether she ever gets tired of filming Christmas movies.

Much like Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert has become one of the Hallmark Channel’s go-to stars. Entertainment Tonight recently interviewed Chabert about her career, including the Mean Girls reunion. The conversation soon turned to her work with Hallmark, especially the network's Christmas films. She spoke on the joy of filming Hallmark Christmas movies, including enhancing her dance skills for Christmas Waltz:

I did have to learn quite a lot and to be honest with you. Dancing has always been my weak spot, I've always been very intimidated by it and I don't feel very comfortable dancing. [But] I kind of overcame my own obstacle in a way and felt really proud of myself at the end of it. We did it, and I actually want to continue taking lessons. I loved it.

Having done so many Hallmark films over so many years, it's easy to wonder whether how Chabert feels about doing them at this point. And in the same interview, she expressed her hope to do even more Hallmark Christmas movies:

They've done three movies with the same theme and so I'm happy to now be a part of the trilogy. I love Christmas so much. I wish it was Christmas 12 months out of the year.

Given Lacey Chabert’s sentiments about filming Hallmark Christmas movies, these projects appear to give the actor a considerable amount of joy. Her saying she wants to do more speaks volumes about Hallmark and its production schedule.

But Lacey Chabert’s words shouldn't come as too much of a surprise given her status within the Hallmark Channel. Since 2010, the actor has appeared in 18 films for the network, including Elevator Girl and All of My Heart. In 2019, she began headlining the Crossword Mysteries film series as crossword editor and part-sleuth Tess Harper for Hallmark’s sister channel Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. She has even stepped behind the camera to produce several projects.

Lacey Chabert has been acting since she was very young but, in recent years, she's definitely solidified her place within the Hallmark space. Her relationship with the company has led to some fun moments not only for her but for viewers as well. While Hallmark remains the king of romantic films, it does has some stiff competition coming from other platforms. But having trusted names such as Chabert and Cameron Bure has made it the go-to destination for made-for-television movies.

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