Lacey Chabert Is Filming A Hallmark Movie In Hawaii And The Pic She Shared Is Jaw-Dropping

A few weeks ago, Lacey Chabert revealed that as part of her new Hallmark deal she is filming a brand new romance in Hawaii. It’s her second time on the island of Honolulu after going on a family vacation as a youngster and she’s been pretty stoked during the venture, kicking off with a throwback photo from her younger years. And that’s not the only pic she’s shared during her time on set. 

The TV movie star and mom of 1 has actually been sharing some spectacular views during the course of her tenure in Hawaii, one of which happened over the weekend. Hawaii is known for its beautiful scenery, but the one she shared of her office for the day is frankly jaw-dropping. Take a look. 

Lacey Chabert filming her new Hallmark movie 2022.

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert, Instagram)

Over the weekend, Lacey Chabert shared an Instagram Stories post with the caption “our view at work today” and it’s beautiful enough to make anyone feel a little FOMO. Let’s take a minute to process this. Sure, a lot of people take beautiful Instagram vacation photos, but the Hallmark star gets to literally do this for work. I know acting can be tough and feature long hours, yadda, yadda, yadda. Look, I get really excited when I see a squirrel in the backyard; she’s all-in on sailboats!

Chabert's said the "most rewarding" part of working at Hallmark is meeting people, but I'm starting to think it's the views. That's because it’s not the only charming ocean photo she shared either, as we actually got a glimpse of her filming on the water. It seems the production went to great lengths to make sure she didn't get too burnt in the dappled sun, though her co-star in the water doesn’t seem to be having the same worries. 

More views of Lacey Chabert Hallmark movie in Hawaii

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert, Instagram)

Unfortunately, the star’s time on the island seems to be nearing its end. After opening up recently about being someone who sets an alarm so they can hit the snooze button most mornings, the rom-com star and producer actually got up early for her very last day on set. (That call time though!) 

Lacey Chabert gets up before dawn for new day of filming.

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert, Instagram)

It’s not Chabert’s first time in Hawaii -- though it seems to be her second time in Honolulu, given the post above. A few months back she shared another beautiful photo of a sunset she and her family experienced on Maui during a vacation just six weeks ago. It's a trip that also sparked comments from some Hallmark co-stars like Alison Sweeney, who remarked, "enjoy!!" It was also the first time Chabert's family had gotten together since the passing of her sister, Wendy. 

Though we don’t have a ton of details about the Hallmark movie just yet, I'm just excited that Hallmark has kept Chabert as well as a few other big names on board. For now, though, Hallmark is regularly airing Lacey Chabert’s last trilogy of movies, starting with the popular The Wedding Veil. The channel has also doubled down more on Chabert, taking her on as a producer as well as just a star, which is how the aforementioned Wedding Veil trilogy got made

We'll have to see what's next for the actress, but given this is a beach theme and we're currently in the middle of the programmer's summer slate, I'm hoping we'll get to see this one sooner rather than later. Who knows though? A Hallmark Christmas movie with this setting could be worth a rewatch too. 

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