How Amanda Bynes’ Parents Reportedly Feel About Her Filing To End Her Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes in Easy A
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Over the last several months, the public watched as Britney Spears disputed her conservatorship, which was ultimately terminated by a judge last November. Now, Amanda Bynes is looking for the same kind of outcome, as the actress recently filed to end her own conservatorship, which was put in place back in 2013. One key element that marked Spears’ legal battle was the reaction from her parents, particularly father Jamie Spears – her former co-conservator. So many may now be wondering how Bynes’ family is taking the news of her filing. 

Well, it would seem that Amanda Bynes’ parents have no problem with her decision. As a matter of fact, TMZ reports that Lynn (who oversees the conservatorship) and Rick Bynes are in full support of the move. Interestingly enough, it also seems that, contrary to popular belief, Bynes’ decision to file was not influenced by the #FreeBritneyMovement. The news outlet caught up with Bynes’ lawyer, David A. Esquibias, who explained that his client and her parents have been working in tandem for years now in order to get the legal arrangement abolished. Apparently, it was never established with the intention of lasting the actress’ entire life.

The attorney also explained that one of the big reasons the star’s parents are supporting her decision is that she’s apparently been working on herself. In the past, the Easy A alum has battled mental health issues and been admitted to different rehab facilities as a result. At one point, doctors claimed that she exhibited schizophrenic tendencies. By 2017, it was revealed that she’d been sober for several years, though she later went back to rehab for what was called a “stress-related relapse.” 

Nevertheless, it seems the star is indeed making progress. She’s reportedly been attending AA meetings that have been helping build structure. She’s also currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. TMZ reports that when it comes to her coursework, she’s making almost straight A’s. 

Amanda Bynes’ legal situation greatly differs from that of Britney Spears. Per reports, Spears’ was intended to remain in place for the rest of her life. Ahead of Jamie Spears filing to end the arrangement, Britney made serious claims in regard to how he managed her life. At one point, the “Oops!... I Did It Again” singer compared her situation to “sex-trafficking” and alleged that her home had been bugged

Even in the aftermath of the legal termination, there has still been drama amongst the pop star and members of her family. Her father has since filed to have his daughter cover his legal fees, a move that drew sharp comments from her lawyers. The performer has also been engaged in a social media feud with sister Jamie Lynn Spears over her allegedly not stepping in to provide support while she was under her conservatorship.

Considering the relationship between Amanda Bynes and her parents, one would assume that her path to independence will be a bit smoother. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see how things pan out. A court hearing is currently set to take place on March 22.

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