Britney Spears' Former Manager Offers Direct Response To Singer Alleging Her Home Was Bugged

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Britney Spears has been fighting for quite some time to finally end the conservatorship that’s ruled her life for 13 years. This summer saw the singer speak up against it in court for the first time, as she detailed several alleged abuses she suffered at the hands of those who were supposed to be protecting her and her finances while undergoing treatment for mental health issues. One of these claims include Spears’ home being bugged, but now her former manager has offered a direct response and denied she had anything to do with such activity.

Even though Britney Spears is getting ever closer to the end of her conservatorship, she and the attorney she was recently able to hire, Mathew Rosengart, have noted that a lot of fighting needs to be done to right the alleged wrongs done while the court order has been in effect. Because of their attempts to do that, Spears’ former business manager, Lou Taylor (who runs Tri Star Sports and Entertainment Group), and her team have filed a motion to block Rosengart’s request that they turn over a full accounting of their involvement in the conservatorship. According to the documents (via People), Taylor and those at her company (who include Spears’ former personal assistant, Robin Greenhill) have denied that they had any part in bugging her home or controlling her medical treatment, and noted, in part:

No one at Tri Star has ever had any control over Ms. Spears' medical treatment. No one at Tri Star has ever suggested monitoring Ms. Spears' electronic communications. No one at Tri Star has ever had authority to approve security protocols. No one at Tri Star is aware of any hidden electronic surveillance device placed in Ms. Spears' bedroom. No one at Tri Star has ever received any compensation related to Ms. Spears or her Estate that is not accurately reflected in the accountings filed or to be filed in this case.

Of course, it was just a few days ago that Spears spoke out against her mother and Taylor in a rant on Instagram, which was later deleted. The pop icon said both “secretly ruined my life,” and told each to “go fuck yourself” for pretending to know nothing about what was supposedly being done to her while under the conservatorship. With this motion, though, Taylor is saying that if Spears’ was under surveillance, she and her team didn’t have anything to do with it.

Taylor is looking to block the request of a full accounting of her and her company’s involvement in the star’s conservatorship for two reasons. First, they say that when they resigned from the conservatorship in August of 2020, they already shared a complete set of records detailing everything they were involved with. TMZ noted that Taylor and company said this accounting included over 16,000 files.

Secondly, they don’t believe any new records submitted should go all the way back to when the conservatorship was established, seeing as how they already submitted regular reports with no objections from Spears or her team. But, Rosengart is arguing that that may be because the singer wasn’t allowed to hire her own lawyers until recently, so there wasn’t really anyone truly looking out for her interests

A court hearing is expected to be held on November 12, which will address the possible end of Britney Spears conservatorship, so we’ll likely hear more about her filings against Lou Taylor before long. 

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