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How CBS' The Equalizer Handled Chris Noth's Final Episode Following Sexual Assault Allegations

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It was just a couple of weeks ago that the CBS drama The Equalizer cut ties with actor Chris Noth, a few days after two women came forward with sexual assault claims against him (which he has denied). It was noted at the time that viewers would still be able to see Noth in an upcoming new episode, and now that the series is back from its winter hiatus we know how the show handled his final episode after those allegations

What Happened In Chris Noth’s Final Episode Of The Equalizer?

Fans had been wondering just what Chris Noth’s William Bishop would be doing in his final episode of The Equalizer when it returned for new episodes, and Sunday night’s “Separated” gave the series a pretty clear path to fully writing off Noth’s character, after he called in a big favor to get Harry out of jail.

Harry had been arrested at the end of the fall finale for his part in Robyn McCall and Bishop’s secret activities, with the computer hacker having caught the attention of the FBI for breaching the CIA’s servers and gaining access to confidential files. After his arrest, Harry insisted on keeping mum about the fact that he was working for Robyn and Bishop, meaning that the two were even more determined to do anything possible to get him out of trouble.

Bishop first spoke to General Ryland at the Pentagon, in an effort to have Harry recruited for the cyber intelligence task force there. But, Ryland had already offered the hacker that opportunity, and been turned down, so Bishop only had one play left, and called in the biggest favor available to him. 

Harry is finally freed after Bishop makes a call that reveals his connection to the president, who personally oversees Harry’s release. The episode ends with a nice moment between Bishop and Robyn, where he admits that he used his “one and only get out of jail free card” not specifically to help Harry, but because of her.

How Will The Equalizer Explain Chris Noth’s Absence Going Forward?

Those who tune in on a regular basis will know that Noth’s character has been a major part of The Equalizer cast across both of its seasons so far. Bishop is an ex-CIA director who’s known Robyn since her days as an operative for the agency, and she frequently turned to him for help as she took on cases from people who needed a little vigilante-style justice after being wronged. They were good friends, with Bishop using his many connections to help Robyn get the information and assistance she often needed when trying to help the downtrodden, so he was a big asset to her team.

While we’ve seen the last of Chris Noth on The Equalizer, what we don’t know is how the show will explain why he’s not around anymore as the series moves on, but there are at least two possibilities now. With him having made what would seem to be his biggest play in order to save Harry, it could be that Bishop feels he should lay low and not engage in Robyn’s illegal actions, even with them being used to help the helpless. It could also be that the president ordered Bishop to stop allying himself with Robyn’s team, in exchange for setting Harry free.

I also wouldn’t put it past the show to have Bishop take an extended break just so he can play a more active part in his son’s life. The fall finale saw Bishop reveal his formerly secret (and now adult) son to Robyn so that she could help save him from a terrorist in Bishop’s past. His life had been in serious danger, but the terrorist and his cronies are now dead, so Bishop might feel free to get to know his son.

Either way, The Equalizer is sure to spend some time before the end of the season explaining why Chris Noth and William Bishop have left Robyn McCall and her band of street justice warriors behind, so keep watching the hit series on CBS, every Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, to see how they finalize his story. While you wait, be sure to look into the 2022 TV premiere dates.

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