How Kobe Bryant's Daughter Is Seeking Legal Protection Against Alleged Stalker

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In the aftermath of Kobe Bryant’s tragic death in 2020, his loved ones faced a lengthy legal case involving the photos from his helicopter crash site. That situation, which involved his widow Vanessa Bryant, was finally resolved earlier this year but, unfortunately, another member of the family is facing a situation. The couple’s teenage daughter, Natalia, has reportedly been receiving advances from a man who she says has been stalking her. Now, the young woman is taking steps to receive legal protection in the matter. 

Natalia Bryant, the oldest of Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s four children, is allegedly being eyed by a man who’s had previous run-ins with the law. The Los Angeles Police Department is apparently aware of the situation and, per documents, obtained by TMZ, Bryant is looking to get a restraining order. The 19-year-old University of Southern California student reportedly made the legal request on Monday and is asking that the man be required to stay at least 200 yards away from her at her home, school and at other locations. The news entity notes that the LAPD wants an order to be enforced, though a judge has yet to rule on the matter. 

The man who’s been accused of stalking is 32-year-old Dwayne Kemp, who allegedly first tried to reach out to Kobe Bryant’s daughter two years ago when she was 17. The man has been described as a gun enthusiast and is allegedly in the process of purchasing one at this time. There are also claims that he’s threatened to buy two weapons, including an AK-47. The legal documents from the case also include information about Kemp’s legal history, which includes multiple arrests and convictions that involve firearms.

The documents shared with TMZ also paint an unnerving picture by detailing the purported stalker’s activities. Natalia Bryant claims that Dwayne Kemp believes they’ve been engaged in a romance of sorts despite having never formally met or had regular contact with each other. Kemp also apparently showed up at Bryant’s sorority house and appeared at one of her classes. In addition, Bryant alleged that Kemp sent her a DM that featured an image of her late father. He also included a message suggesting that the two of them could produce a “Kobe-like child.”

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, were killed alongside seven others in the Calabasas helicopter crash over two years ago. As mentioned, Vanessa Bryant subsequently became embroiled in a case, after she filed suit against Los Angeles County for the reported dissemination of the crash site photos. “Emotional distress” and taunting social media messages were also at the heart of the case. At the end of August, Vanessa was unanimously awarded $16 million (though a court error initially reduced the sum).

Given the circumstances in Natalia Bryant’s situation aren’t quite as involved, chances are a resolution of sorts will be reached sooner than in the photo case. The LAPD’s direct involvement in the matter may also help to get things moving. Neither the Bryant family nor the authorities have provided official statements at this time.

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