How New Amsterdam Will Show Off A Different Side Of Max With Sharpe In London

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NBC medical drama New Amsterdam is almost back after its winter hiatus, and there will be a lot to unpack when the show returns following the midseason finale. The series’ final episode of 2021 saw Max and Sharpe finally leaving New York to start their new lives in London, but it won’t be without some challenges, as showrunner David Schulner recently previewed a different side of Max.

Max and Sharpe’s London adventure will be a very new chapter of his life for Max when it comes to figuring out how to keep doing what he does best in London. While Helen knows exactly what she’s doing, Max is the complete opposite. David Schulner told TVLine how the former hospital director will be coping with his new role:

So how does someone whose sole purpose is helping people help people without being licensed? That’s the fun of the first few episodes for us is showing Max trying to find his footing.

Max trying to find his footing in Season 4 could be similar to Max in Season 1 all over again, as he navigated becoming the medical director at New Amsterdam. I don’t expect Max to take very long to find his footing, considering he is a natural when it comes to helping people, and he'll presumably have the support of Sharpe in their new life together. 

The couple did move awfully fast in their relationship, since most people don’t choose to move across the world not long after finally getting together. Seeing how Max, Sharpe, and Luna deal with new challenges will also be another storyline to look out for when New Amsterdam returns, David Schulner previewed:

That’s a heavy toll to have someone and their young child move to a different country for you. It’s not to say that there won’t be challenges along the way for Max and Sharpe, but they’re challenges that any relationship faces and any strong couple can weather.

While fans had basically been waiting for Sharpwin to get together since the start of the series, their sudden move to London was a bit of a shock. The first half of Season 4 saw the two of them prepare their goodbyes and get ready to move, while the second half will start by putting focus on this new life they have together. Seeing this new side to both of them as characters and in their relationship should be a contrast to what's happening back in New York, with the friends they left behind struggling under the leadership of Dr. Fuentes. 

When New Amsterdam returns in the new year, there will be a lot of challenges to overcome, not just in London but back at the hospital as well. Fans will be in for a ride and I cannot wait to see what happens and how the show will showcase these seemingly separate storylines in London and back at New Amsterdam!

Season 4 of New Amsterdam returns on Tuesday, January 4 on NBC. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring schedule to see what other shows to catch!

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