How The Resident Season 6 Will Return To Fox After The World Series Break

Malcolm-Jamal Warner as AJ in The Resident
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The Resident recently celebrated hitting the 100 episode milestone, which ended on some developments that I didn’t see coming. Fans have to wait a little longer than usual to see the fallout, however, as Major League Baseball’s World Series between the Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies is taking over Fox primetime. The good news is that the break won’t be too long, and the network has already dropped some details about how the medical drama will return.

Conrad and Co. will return with a new episode on Tuesday, November 8 in the usual 8 p.m. ET time slot on Fox. Called “The Chimera,” the episode will take two doctors out of the (relative) safety of Chastain, with another two heading off on a mission that could save the hospital. And that’s not all! Take a look at the description for “The Chimera” on November 8:

When a prison doctor believes a death row inmate is lying about his symptoms, Conrad and Raptor are called in to examine him. Meanwhile, Devon sees a traveling British couple who are nervous about the cost of American healthcare, and Kit and Bell meet with the Georgia Governor.

Conrad and AJ are evidently headed to death row in “The Chimera,” which could be a lot more fun for fans to watch than it would be for the characters to experience. With those two doctors as the ones going to prison to investigate the inmate’s purported symptoms, it seems safe to say that he’s complaining of a heart issue that would fall under AJ’s area of expertise, and an unknown ailment that would fit Conrad’s diagnostic skills. 

Kit and Bell meeting the governor of Georgia picks up where the 100th episode left off, as Kit finally found a way to convince him to meet with her. It took some creative measures with the hours counting down to her wedding, but she pulled it off, and “The Chimera” will give her the chance to make the governor understand why he shouldn’t cut the funding that would go to Chastain. Bell helped save the life of a potential donor’s daughter ahead of the wedding, so it should be interesting to see if there are any developments on that front. 

The British couple may be in for a rude awakening if Devon wants to treat them in the American health care system when they’re accustomed to a very different system. Personally, I’m wondering if Devon will encounter them as part of a clinical trial, or if he’s pitching in with treatment while Conrad is off with AJ. The episode description doesn’t mention anything about the moment that Conrad and Billie shared at the wedding reception, but the promo proves that the love triangle with them and Cade is about to heat up. Take a look at what released at the end of last week’s 100th episode:

Cade may have missed the wedding to be there for a patient, but Feldman will clue her in on Conrad and Billie’s dance while showing her pictures. While he insists that it’s not what it looks like, and Cade telling Conrad that she saw him “slow-dancing with Billie” sounds a little bit high school to me, both Conrad and Billie are confused after their moment together, so Cade’s concern isn’t unwarranted. 

The Resident creator Amy Holden Jones addressed his “mistaken notion” about Billie after their dance, and it appears that the medical drama is wasting no time in addressing it. Conrad made his choice ahead of the Season 6 premiere; will he change his mind before the end of the year? He and Cade did hit a bump in the road of their relationship pretty early on. 

All things considered, it appears that fans are in for a must-see episode of The Resident when the medical drama returns to Fox on Tuesday, November 8 at 8 p.m. ET. If you want to revisit past episodes rather than tune in to the World Series, you can do so streaming with a Hulu subscription.

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