The Resident's Conrad Made A Game-Changing Choice To Start Season 6, But Will It Actually Stick?

Matt Czuchry as Conrad in The Resident Season 6 premiere
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Warning: SPOILERS ARE AHEAD for the Season 6 premiere of The Resident on Fox, called “Two Hearts.”

The Resident returned for the sixth season with an intense premiere that definitely didn’t let the characters celebrate their latest accomplishments for too long. After an extremely risky surgery to try and save Padma’s twins (not to mention her life as well when the situation worsened) and a mysterious neuro case that saw Conrad combine forces with both Cade and Billie, there’s plenty to think about. “Two Hearts” also answered the question left over from the Season 5 finale after Emily VanCamp’s return: which woman would Conrad choose to start a relationship? Now that we have the answer, the question is whether or not it will stick. 

Who Conrad Chose After The Season 5 Finale

The reveal of who Conrad would pursue a romance with has been a long time coming, as The Resident co-showrunner Andrew Chapman revealed back in May that the writers already knew which woman it would be. “Two Hearts” featured a cozy moment between Conrad and Billie when they had a moment alone, but it was so early and so comfortable that I suspected that we were in for a reveal that they were just very close friends.

And that was indeed the case! Even though Conrad is clearly very comfortable with Billie and she spends enough time with the adorable Gigi that she was concerned about the little girl’s nightmares, Cade was the one he chose at the end of Season 5. They’re in a relationship as of the beginning of Season 6, and it seems to be going quite well. 

She certainly seemed to need a port in a storm after her father’s return back in the spring, and she and Conrad are kindred spirits to a certain extent. (Andrew Chapman was bumped up to series regular status, so Cade’s dad will be around a lot in the new episodes.)

But is the relationship between Conrad and Cade really going to stick, considering the last conversation between AJ and Billie?

Why Conrad And Cade’s Relationship Might Not Last

Conrad may have made his choice, but AJ is clearly still rooting for Billie! He was positive that she never told Conrad how she felt because if she did, he “would be with you right now.” She didn’t quite agree, as she was all prepared to confess her feelings in the fifth season finale… but Conrad left with Cade before she could. (You can revisit the Season 5 finale with a Hulu subscription.) She said that there was an upside in that she and Conrad were closer than they’d ever been and are now “best friends.” AJ, as an excellent friend and wingman, simply said “Ouch.”

AJ sees things differently, however. He thinks that Conrad chose Cade because he assumed that Billie – as Nic’s best friend – wouldn’t be interested him, and she never reached out to cross that line with him. The kicker came after Billie said that “now it’s too late,” and AJ responded:

No. It’s never too late to win the love of your life back.

Was AJ just in a lighthearted mood because Padma and the twins both survived an almost impossible situation? Sure, but his words might just stick with Billie. I’m hoping that The Resident doesn’t go for a catty kind of love triangle with Billie trying to sabotage Cade and Conrad, and I’m also definitely interested to see if there’s a future for the two people who originally bonded over their love of Nic

Admittedly, I was on Team Billie in Season 5, but I’m looking forward to seeing where The Resident is headed with all three characters. Tune in to Fox on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET to see what’s next, and be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to plan ahead of the other big shows premiering in the not-too-distant future. 

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