The Resident Showrunner Explains How Season 6's Love Triangle Will Get Even More Complicated

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Spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of The Resident, “Two Hearts.”

Season 6 of Fox medical drama The Resident is here, and the premiere episode revealed Conrad's game-changing decision about his love life. The internist chose between Cade and Billie, and while it seemed like he had chosen Billie due to them still being close, the end of the episode confirmed that Conrad went with Cade. Showrunner and co-creator Amy Holden-Jones is now opening up about how the love triangle will get even more complicated this season.

Ever since Nic’s death at the beginning of Season 5, one of the biggest questions of The Resident has been whether or not Conrad will ever find love again. While co-showrunner Andrew Chapman did preview Conrad following his heart in Season 6, Amy Holden-Jones tells TVLine just why Conrad chose Cade instead of Billie, and it makes sense:

AJ’s theory of why Conrad picked Cade may be right. [Billie] was Nic’s best friend, which is complicated, and it’s true Conrad did not know this wasn’t an impediment to her. Both women are viable choices. And that may continue to be true.

It’s not so surprising that Conrad chose Cade, considering Billie and Nic were close, and Nic’s death has been equally as hard on her. Before Cade’s introduction, it looked like The Resident was setting up the unexpected romance between Conrad and Billie. But when Cade came into the picture, things took a different turn. Billie still has feelings for Conrad, so it should be interesting to see how she tries to shove it down and be his friend.

Meanwhile, Cade turning out to be the one who Conrad chose doesn’t mean there won’t be problems. Amy Holden-Jones previews what Episode 2 will involve, and we get to see just how Conrad’s decision turned out:

You have to watch to see this complex chess game of relationships unfold. But first, we have to see the ramifications of Conrad’s choice. Episode 2 is crucial to understanding the chemistry between Conrad and Cade.

Kaley Ronayne, who portrays Cade, was upped to series regular for Season 6, as well as her on-screen dad Andrew McCarthy. Although it’s unknown just what these ramifications are, it’s possible they could have something to do with Cade’s dad, Dr. Ian Sullivan, who is now a doctor at Chastain. The two don’t have the best relationship, and Ian only came back into the picture after his daughter was shot. Or the problems could have something to do with Billie since it’s clear she still likes Conrad, and he could still have feelings for her.

Of course, any relationship will come with problems, and we don’t even know if Conrad and Cade’s will last. However, Conrad does seem happy, and he definitely deserved to find someone after Nic. Seeing how their relationship continues will be something to look forward to, especially if The Resident Season 6 is the last.

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